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roof suffers storm damage

When storms rage, they often leave a trail of destruction, and one of the most common casualties within a residential property is the roof. Knowing what to do after your roof suffers storm damage is crucial not only for the safety of your home’s inhabitants but also for the structural integrity and longevity of your abode. This detailed roadmap will walk you through the necessary steps to assess, address, and prevent further damage to your roofing after a severe weather event.

Immediate Actions Post-Storm

roof suffers storm damageSecure the Area

The moments following a storm are crucial. Your first responsibility is to ensure the safety of everyone in the household. Evacuate if necessary, especially if there are signs of structural instability or significant water intrusion. Remember, after your roof has sustained storm damage, the stability of the entire structure might be compromised. Keep a safe distance if there are downed power lines or exposed electrical components.

Initial Damage Assessment

Once it’s safe, perform a preliminary inspection of the damage. Use caution when inspecting the property, and avoid climbing onto the roof yourself, as there could be hidden damage or unstable sections. Instead, perform a visual inspection from the ground or through windows from higher floors. Look for obvious signs of damage such as missing or torn shingles, visible holes, or debris on the roof or around the perimeter of your home.

Professional Consultation and Assessment

Contacting a Roofing Professional

After your roof endures storm damage, enlisting the expertise of a licensed and insured roofing contractor is paramount. These professionals can perform a thorough inspection, safely, identifying both obvious and hidden damages. They can provide a detailed report and an estimate for repairs, which will be invaluable when you file an insurance claim.

Navigating Insurance Claims

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover roof damage resulting from storms, but the claim process can be intricate and demanding. Start by reviewing your policy to understand the coverage specifics and limitations. Document the damage by taking photos and jotting down details of the storm. Your contractor’s damage assessment report will be crucial here. Notify your insurance company promptly and submit the required documentation for your claim.

Addressing the Damage

Emergency Repairs

Sometimes, immediate action is required to prevent further damage to your property. This is particularly relevant when dealing with a roof that’s suffered storm damage. Emergency repairs, such as tarping the roof, can provide a temporary water-resistant barrier and prevent further interior and structural damage while you await more comprehensive repair work. Your roofing contractor can often help facilitate these urgent services.

Long-Term Repairs and Restoration

After emergency repairs are made, your contractor will likely suggest a timetable for full repair or replacement. The extent of this depends on the severity of the storm damage to your roof, the age of your existing roof, and other related factors. This phase may include replacing shingles, repairing the underlayment, correcting structural issues, or, in severe cases, a complete roof replacement.

Future Prevention Strategies

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

The key to minimizing damage from future storms is regular roof maintenance and inspections. Establish a routine inspection schedule with your roofing contractor to identify and address potential issues before they escalate. This practice can extend your roof’s lifespan and reduce the likelihood of severe storm damage.

Investing in Resilient Roofing Materials

If your property is in a storm-prone area, consider investing in more resilient roofing materials and systems. Modern roofing technologies have evolved to offer materials designed to withstand extreme weather, from high winds to hail. Your roofing professional can recommend suitable options based on your locale and weather conditions.


roof suffers storm damageNavigating the aftermath of a storm can be daunting, but with these outlined steps and the assistance of professionals, the process becomes more manageable. Should you find yourself facing storm roof damage, remember that professional help is just a call away. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Advantage Construction today. We are here to help restore safety and peace of mind for you and your family.

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