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roof suffers wind damage

When harsh weather strikes, it’s your home’s roof that stands as the frontline defense. However, the aftermath of a severe windstorm often leaves homeowners struggling with roof damage, unsure of the immediate and successive steps to take. Understanding what to do after your roof suffers wind damage is vital in safeguarding your property from further impairment, navigating insurance claims, and ensuring a thorough and professional repair process.

roof suffers wind damageImmediate Response Post-Storm

Prioritize Safety

The moments following a severe windstorm can be fraught with hazards. Before anything else, ensure that it’s safe to inspect your property. Steer clear of potential dangers like downed power lines, broken glass, and loose roofing materials. If you suspect structural instability, it’s prudent to evacuate and await professional assessment.

Initial Damage Assessment

Once you’ve ensured safety, perform a preliminary evaluation of the damage. Use caution when inspecting the surroundings, and take note of visible issues like missing shingles, detached gutters, or exposed roof decking. However, keep in mind that not all wind-related impairments are easily noticeable, necessitating a professional inspection for a comprehensive assessment.

Securing Your Property and Documenting the Damage

Prevent Further Damage

After the storm subsides and your roof has sustained wind damage, it’s crucial to prevent exacerbating the condition. Employ temporary solutions like tarp coverings or sealants for leaks to impede further water ingress. Nonetheless, these are interim fixes, and consulting a roofing professional remains paramount for lasting repairs.

Meticulous Documentation

For insurance and repair purposes, detailed documentation of the wind damage is indispensable. Capture clear photos and videos of the affected areas, and make a written log of the damage observed and the date it occurred. This evidence is instrumental when filing an insurance claim, as it provides a robust basis for the discussions with your insurance provider.

Navigating Insurance Claims

Review Your Policy

In the wake of wind-inflicted roof damage, reviewing your insurance policy is a critical step. Understand the specifics of what’s covered under wind and storm damage, and be aware of any deductibles. Policies vary, and some might require separate windstorm insurance, especially in regions prone to high winds and hurricanes.

Initiate the Claims Process

Contact your insurance company to notify them of the damage and kick-start the claims process. Furnish them with the documented evidence and any additional information they require. Cooperation and transparency are crucial here for a smooth process. Remember, insurers advocate prompt reporting, so don’t delay this engagement.

Professional Inspection and Repair

Hire Professional Roofing Services

While initial assessments and temporary fixes are helpful, the expertise of a professional roofing contractor is essential for a thorough inspection and repair plan. These experts can spot less obvious damages, provide a detailed report, and suggest the best course of action for restoration. Ensure they are licensed and have experience with wind-damaged roofs.

Restoration and Future Prevention

Post-inspection, the repair phase commences. Professional roofers will address both visible and hidden damages, restoring your roof’s integrity. However, the process shouldn’t end there. Discuss with them strategies for fortifying your roof against future wind incidents, which might include investing in wind-resistant materials or regular maintenance protocols.


roof suffers wind damageExperiencing wind damage to your roof can be daunting, but taking informed, sequential steps is key to mitigating its impact. Prioritizing safety, conducting a thorough assessment, engaging with your insurance provider, and enlisting professional repair services are critical components in this restoration journey. If you require professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Advantage Construction today. Our team of experts is ready to provide support throughout your roof repair and restoration process.

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