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Did you know that you could be losing energy through old or not properly sealed windows? Poorly sealed or old windows seep out energy, putting a strain on your paycheck and your public appearance. If you’re tired of high energy bills every month, it’s time to take action to improve your energy efficiency.

Additionally, waiting too long to replace your old windows can result in more expensive repairs needed. Keep your business running and free from further costly repairs by replacing faulty windows and frames.

In this article, we’ll show you the top five ways that new windows can save your business money in the short and long term.

Many Property Windows Are Inefficient

As Minnesotans, we understand the value of keeping our buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Inefficient and old windows can hinder this temperature regulation, leaching your energy outwards. Nearly 25% of energy costs are due to faulty windows. Even the tiniest cracks and tears allow energy to escape, making your HVAC continuously work harder to maintain your desired internal temperature.

That’s why investing in energy-saving windows is a no-brainer way to save money every month on your electricity bills. There are even more financial advantages to installing new windows.

Let’s explore the five main ways new windows can save your business money!

1. Boost Curb Appeal

It’s the little details that draw in potential customers. Making a good first impression can make or break people’s interest in your business. If your frame is damaged or the seal is peeling, people start to wonder what else is in disrepair. Once damaged, it’s hard to establish a better impression, which is why you should consider adding new windows to your business to boost curb appeal.

New windows add a polished and clean look to your space, drawing in customers and even potential property buyers.

Energy-efficient windows, frames, and other specialized temperature controlling treatments increase your property’s value and add to the resale value. If you’re looking to sell your commercial property within the next ten years, getting new windows is the perfect investment.

2. Save on Energy Bills

Windows are a great place to improve your energy efficiency because inefficient windows drain your bank account by draining your energy. If you have windows that are over 20 years old, it’s time to consider replacing them with more beneficial alternatives.

When considering which materials are best for your home or business, it’s essential to consider these window replacement tips:

  • Which direction your window is facing
  • What issues you struggle with most (loss of heat or A/C)
  • If you need to replace all or one of your windows
  • And, if you need to reduce annual maintenance costs

You can even opt for more energy-efficient window types and frames to customize your space for optimal temperature control.

Since the last thing you need is a higher energy bill, let’s compare the three most common energy-efficient materials used for windows.

  • Composite window frames
  • Fiberglass window frames
  • Vinyl window frames

You may have noticed that wood was left out, and that is because it requires a lot of maintenance work. Wood has a higher likelihood of rotting or warping over time, and it requires more annual maintenance to avoid this. On the other hand, composite, fiberglass, and vinyl are energy-efficient alternatives with longer lifespans.

Overall, energy-efficient windows are a long-term, cost-effective solution that may help reduce your energy expenses. Learn more about energy-efficient materials for your new windows.

3. Reduce Annual Maintenance Costs

Maintaining old windows and frames becomes more troublesome year after year. At some point, it becomes more cost-effective to replace rather than repair those faulty aging windows. Over time, sealants and frame repairs add up, especially if you have single-pane windows in your home.

It’s time to ask yourself if the labor, energy, and resources are really worth it.

Many home and business owners take their time in replacing windows because they think they need to spend a lot of money and replace every window in one setting. That’s simply not true. In fact, you’d be amazed at how much energy you save by replacing a couple of specific windows!

By replacing some single pane windows with double pane alternatives, you’ll increase the overall comfort of your building for clients, family, staff, and all others who visit.

4. Block Out the Elements

While windows help keep out unwanted pests, extreme elements and seal in preferred temperature preferences, they begin to lose effectiveness with time. If you live in a cooler climate and have single-pane windows, your windows are susceptible to condensation and heat loss. You may even need to add unsightly plastic coverings in the winter to lock out moisture.

Over time, that moisture wears away the materials in your frame and increases the risk of mold. Untreated mold growth becomes a safety concern that requires costly treatments outside of simple window repairs. Once you recognize signs of window damage, it’s time for a change.

Not only are rotted or warped frames unappealing, but they also let in unwanted pests. Small bugs and spiders can find their way into your home, adding to your overall discomfort.

New windows offer protection from pests and the elements with stronger seals and insulation. Say goodbye to condensation and say hello to less work to maintain.

5. Tax Credits, Rebates, and Deductions (Oh My!)

Did you know that certain energy-efficient replacements are tax-deductible? So, instead of worrying about racking up a hefty remodeling bill, you could actually pay less than you think. Several great state and federal tax credits and rebates for companies and home owners invest in energy improvements, such as energy-efficient windows.

Outside of investing in quality windows, you can also invest in energy-saving modifications. If your business has intensive light throughout the day, you don’t want to increase your A/C bill. Instead, consider adding a UV reduction glass type. There are even glass options that trap in heat which many Minnesotans might need.

Check out a few different window additions you can make:

  • Argon gas-filled
  • Reflective options
  • Tinted
  • Tempered
  • Insulated
  • Low-E glass
  • Heat-strengthened

Now, it’s important to note that these energy savings fluctuate year to year. Hence, it’s essential to consult your preferred local contractor to ask about what options are available to you.

Investing in New Windows Can Save Your Business Money

Even though new windows are an investment, they offer significant long-term rewards.

Not only do they increase energy efficiency, but they also boost curb appeal and safety for all who enter. As a business owner, you know just how important it is to save money. That’s why incorporating new windows, frames, and other energy-efficient additions is one of the smartest investments you can make for your company.

Connect with the window replacement specialists at Advantage Construction to learn more ways that new windows can save your business money. Call us today for a free consultation, and ask about custom design styles to meet your unique window needs.

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