Reasons To Hire a Local Roofing Company

Reasons To Hire a Local Roofing Company

Whether it’s storm damage, new construction, or wear and tear on an existing building, Advantage Construction has seen it all. If you need a roofer, your biggest question is whether to hire one of the big national roofing companies, a larger regional roofer, or a local roofing company like Advantage Construction.

Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a local roofing company.
Better Customer Service
Roofing is a popular enough construction …Read More

About Replacement Window

What You Should Know About Replacement Window Energy Efficiency Ratings

Replacing windows is a significant investment, and you want to ensure you’re getting the most energy-efficient windows possible. There are many aspects to consider when selecting replacement windows, including energy efficiency.

This article will cover energy efficiency ratings, why they’re important, where you can find them, and what the best scores mean.

Replacement window energy efficiency ratings are important because they can help you save money on your energy bill. You can …Read More

Right Roof for Older And Historic Homes

Choosing the Right Roof for Older and Historic Homes

Older and historic homes are known for their incredible architectural build and unforgiving roofs. Owners of older and historic homes know that charm comes at a cost – in the form of a new roof. Old roofs are becoming a thing of the past as many homeowners install new roofs made of innovative, long-lasting materials that not only preserve the home, but also its history. Under-aged roofing conditions can permanently …Read More

Spring Cleaning For Your Roof Checklist

Spring Cleaning for Your Roof Checklist

It’s that time of the year again – time for spring cleaning! Most homeowners think of deep cleaning the inside of their house, but not many consider the outside. Cleaning and maintaining your roof and its shingles are imperative for extending its lifespan. Preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs in the long run.

We’ve put together a handy checklist for you to use in keeping your …Read More

how to clean and maintain your vinyl siding

How to Clean and Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is among the most common materials for home exteriors in the United States, but it may fade with time like other external surfaces. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re dealing with mold and mildew and defects like dirt, dust, oil, or rust.

From homemade solutions to a pressure washer, we looked into the best ways on how to clean vinyl siding and you won’t even need to …Read More

5 dangers of a leaky roof

5 Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Do you suspect that your roof may be leaking? By the time you notice water dripping from your roof or other major signs such as missing shingles and spots on your ceiling, it means that your roof has likely already been leaking for a while and your house may be exposed to water damage. This can be extremely detrimental to your home and if left unattended, can escalate to property …Read More

After a Storm Damages Your Home

What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Home

If your home has recently suffered from storm damage, you know how devastating it can be. Repairs can set you back, and it may take time until your insurance company reimburses you. The biggest concern is keeping your family safe, and getting your home back to normal.

Preparing before a weather event eases your worry and allows for smooth restoration once the storm has passed. For instance, if you live in …Read More

Roof Replacement Right For Your Property

Roof Replacement: Is It Right for Your Property?

When it comes to fixing roof damage, you may be wondering if you should consider replacing your roof. But how do you know if a roof replacement is the best choice for your property? You’ll likely need to have a professional examine the damage before making a decision, but either way, the value of your home will increase once the damage is fixed. On average, a roof replacement increases the …Read More

Safe and Secure Windows for Every Home

How New Windows Can Improve Home Safety and Security

Everyone wants a safe and secure home. There are countless risks that come with living in any neighborhood. Window safety and window security are big parts of keeping your home safe. Even if you live in a “safe neighborhood”, there’s still a risk of a home invasion or other disaster. Did you know having the right windows can help reduce safety and security risks though? New windows can help increase …Read More