How to Register Your Owens Corning Warranty

When you choose Owens Corning products for your home improvement projects, you’re making a decision that combines quality with peace of mind. Advantage Construction is committed to ensuring this peace of mind extends to the warranty registration process. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you through each step after getting your roof installed.
Understanding the Warranty Registration Process
Step 1: Accessing the System
To begin, you’ll need to access the OCConnect Resource Center. …Read More

How to Create a Mood Board for Your Home Exterior Design and Roof Shingle Color

Selecting the right roof shingle color is a crucial decision in enhancing your home’s exterior. A practical and creative approach to this is creating a mood board for your home exterior design and roof shingle color. This method not only aids in visualizing your options but also ensures that your final choice beautifully complements your home’s style and architecture.
The Importance of a Mood Board in Home Design
A mood board is …Read More

How to Choose the Right Roofing Systems by Advantage Construction

For homeowners, the roof is more than a protective shield; it’s a central element in your home’s integrity and visual appeal. Understanding the importance of this, Advantage Construction recognizes that selecting the right roofing system is a critical decision. In this article, we focus on essential factors to consider in your roofing system selection, aiming to ensure that your home remains both resilient against various elements and aesthetically pleasing.
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What Homeowners Can Expect When Working With an Advantage Construction Roofing Contractor

When you hire a roofing contractor from the Advantage Construction team, you’re not just paying for a new roof; you’re investing in a critical part of your home’s protection. Unlike everyday purchases, a roof is a long-term commitment, often lasting 30-50 years. It’s essential to understand that roofing isn’t just a commodity; it’s a specialized service where quality and expertise matter more than just price.
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Learn More About Our Roofing Contractor Network

When it comes to exceptional roofing, Advantage Construction sets a new standard in the industry, offering homeowners an unparalleled experience. This article will highlight the myriad benefits and unique features that establish Advantage Construction as the preferred choice within the roofing contractor network, demonstrating why discerning homeowners seeking quality, reliability, and superior service consistently turn to us.
Unrivaled Expertise in the Roofing Contractor Network
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Understanding the Warranty Process

At Advantage Construction, our commitment extends beyond just installing quality roofs; we’re dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your roofing experience, especially the warranty process, is smooth and worry-free. While acknowledging the robust warranty services provided by industry leaders, our focus remains steadfastly on you, the homeowner. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your journey with us is as reassuring as it is satisfying.
Initiating …Read More

Why Choose Roofing from Advantage Construction?

When it comes to protecting your home, the importance of a high-quality roof cannot be overstated. Your roof is not just a structural component; it’s a shield that guards your home against the elements. This is where Advantage Construction steps in – offering roofing solutions that combine durability, aesthetic appeal, and innovative technology. We understand that a roof is a significant investment, and our commitment is to provide value that …Read More

Exploring the Total Protection Roofing System by Owens Corning

For homeowners who prioritize reliability and long-lasting performance in roofing, it’s essential to understand the components and benefits of Owens Corning’s Total Protection Roofing System. This system represents a holistic approach to roofing, effectively addressing key performance areas such as sealing, defending, and ventilation. Explore what sets this system apart as the ideal choice for your home.
Understanding the Three Critical Areas
Seal: The First Line of Defense Against the Elements
Owens Corning’s …Read More

siding materials for minnesota homeowners

The Best Siding Materials for Minnesota Homeowners

Minnesota’s climate poses unique challenges to homeowners, especially when it comes to selecting the right siding materials. With harsh winters, hot summers, and occasional severe weather, it’s crucial to choose siding that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also withstands the state’s diverse weather conditions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top siding options suitable for Minnesota residences, helping you make an informed decision for …Read More

roofing materials for minnesota homeowners

The Best Roofing Materials for Minnesota Homeowners

Minnesota’s climate presents unique challenges for homeowners, especially when it comes to roofing. The state experiences extreme temperatures, from hot summers to frigid winters, along with snow, ice, and occasionally severe storms. This weather variability necessitates roofing materials that can withstand these diverse conditions while maintaining their integrity and appearance.
Durability and Efficiency: Key Factors for Minnesota Roofs
Why Durability Matters in Minnesota
In Minnesota, the durability of roofing materials is crucial. The …Read More