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Make Your Townhome Exterior Extraordinary

Have you wanted to enhance the exterior appearance of your townhome? How about staying on top of routine maintenance needs? The siding contractors at Advantage Construction service not only Minnesota houses but also townhomes. We encourage you to contact our industry-leading team today, so you can give your townhome the updates you’ve been hoping for and cut exterior maintenance needs in half. We’ll help you turn your townhome into an eye-catching location in no time.

We offer a range of durable and reliable townhome siding materials on top of our well-rounded townhome siding services. Whether you need siding repairs, routine maintenance, or replacements, the siding experts at Advantage Construction have you covered from top to bottom. By choosing Advantage Construction for your townhome siding needs, you’ll soon have the Minnesota townhome you’ve always dreamed of.

Quality Townhome Siding Is Vital

The siding on your townhome needs to be installed correctly and well-maintained as it plays a substantial role in protecting your property from inclement weather, outside elements, unwanted moisture, insects, and more. Any siding damage must be repaired immediately, so you have reliable protection around the clock. The team at Advantage Construction is here for all your townhome siding needs, so you can preserve the life of your property and live comfortably.


Create Your New Roof Instantly

Here at Advantage Construction, we offer a variety of industry-leading townhome siding services. Whether your townhome has recently been damaged by inclement weather, you’ve noticed regular wear and tear, or are ready for an upgrade; Advantage Construction has you covered.



As a Minnesota townhome resident, you’re likely familiar with the impact Minnesota’s unpredictable weather can have on your property. The siding on your townhome protects the structural integrity of your property as well as the interior, which is why having a reliable and experienced siding expert for repairs is vital. Since the Minnesota climate is ever-changing, there are many factors aside from storms that can weaken your siding. Our siding contractors have compiled a list of factors that commonly harm Minnesota townhomes below:

  • Rot and rust
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Storm damage
  • Incorrect installation
  • Mold and mildew
  • Water damage



The siding on your townhome adds character and charm, meaning it’s crucial to have a material you find appealing. Old siding takes away from your townhome’s curb appeal and can cause a variety of costly problems, from high electricity bills and moisture buildup to structural issues and more. Whether you’ve recently moved into your townhome or have identified regular wear and tear, our siding experts are here to replace old siding so your townhome looks brand new.


General Maintenance

Adequate care and regular maintenance are vital to keep your townhome siding looking top-notch. Over time, the siding on your townhome will get dirty from the outside elements, and everyday wear and tear will take a toll on its appearance. Our siding experts are available to provide a variety of general maintenance services at an affordable price, from washing and repainting to broken siding repairs and replacements. If you’re ready to keep the siding on your townhome in prime condition, call the team at Advantage Construction today.


Durable Siding Materials for Your Townhome

We know every townhome owner has varying needs, expectations, and design preferences. Because of this, our siding experts have selected a ranging assortment of only the best townhome siding materials. Our customer’s needs, wants, and desires are always at the forefront, and we guarantee you’ll find a siding solution that’s suitable for your townhome every time.


Premium Vinyl Siding

If you’ve been searching for a durable vinyl siding option that requires minimum maintenance, our premium vinyl siding material is right for you. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but you have access to various colors and styles that never need painting. Our premium vinyl siding is easy to maintain because all you’ll need is a garden hose to make sure it’s always looking tip-top.


Insulated Vinyl Siding

Aside from premium vinyl siding, we also offer insulated vinyl siding installation. Whether your townhome is located in a noisy area or you’re hoping to make your property more energy-efficient, insulated vinyl siding can get the job done. Our insulated vinyl siding material is lined with contoured foam insulation, which allows for around-the-clock protection you can rely on in every Minnesota season.


Steel Siding

Are you interested in eco-friendly living? If so, our steel siding option is perfect for you. Steel siding is durable and non-combustible, meaning your townhome will always have an impeccable exterior appearance. Many townhome owners who choose steel siding don’t have to worry about replacements for up to 40 years, meaning it’s an incredibly affordable siding solution. Aside from that, all steel siding materials are recyclable, unlike your traditional siding options.


Engineered Wood Siding

Homeowners throughout Minnesota are drawn to natural cedar siding because of its rustic, inviting appearance. However, did you know natural wood siding attracts insects and is more susceptible to mold and mildew? That’s why Advantage Construction offers engineered wood siding as it’s designed out of composite wood materials and has remarkable resistance to insects and the outside elements. Our LP SmartSide Siding will give your townhome the eye-catching appearance you’ve always wanted with half the work – 100% guaranteed.


Hardie Board

James Hardie created Hardie board siding, which is fiber cement board siding. James Hardie siding is well-known by homeowners as it has been around for many years. Fiber cement board siding has an excellent fire rating, long lifespan, and stands against inclement weather like nothing else. Our Hardie board siding comes with a 50-year warranty and is a top pick for many of our customers.


Boral Versetta Stone®

Do you want to add unique character to your townhome? If so, Boral Versetta Stone® is a popular choice for house and townhome owners alike. These stone veneers remove the need for additional concrete footing support and excessive wear and tear like natural stone. With Boral Versetta Stone®, you can add the appeal of authentic stone masonry without the added work.

Contact Advantage Construction for Your Townhome Siding Needs

Have you recently moved into the townhome of your dreams? Are you noticing your long-term townhome needs a siding upgrade? How about recent townhome siding damage because of inclement weather? No matter the need, the siding contractors at Advantage Construction are here for you. From the moment you start your inquiry, we’ll be by your side from project start to finish. The Advantage Construction team will help you choose the best siding for your townhome so that you can have reliable protection year-round. Call Advantage Construction today to begin your townhome siding project.

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