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What Happens When You Wait Too Long To Replace Your Roof

Your roofing is one of the most critical parts of your home. It keeps you safe from weather events and can keep you cool or warm inside your home, depending on the time of year. For whatever reason, sometimes home owners delay any roof related stuff, which can lead to nasty consequences.

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof but keep putting it off, you might want to reconsider to keep you and your loved ones protected. Be it to improve the home’s value, getting the house more protected in case of any emergency like a fire hazard or a small but annoying leak, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t put off replacing your roof.

Instead of procrastinating and delaying the necessary reparations, check out what can happen when you wait too long to replace your roof.

The Cost Can Be Higher the Longer You Wait

What Happens When You Wait Too Long To Replace Your RoofIt would be best if you didn’t wait too long to replace your roof because it will only drive the cost of the job up. As your roof ages, the more care it will need, and the lower the value of your house, if you ever intend to sell, or rent. If you keep putting it off, you’ll spend more money when you actually set up your roof replacement.

You can have more leaks, mold damage, and more than can raise the cost of your roof replacement. Even if you don’t have leaks, if your shingles are damaged, you’ll spend more on energy bills due to reduced efficiency. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs will be, and the value of your home will decrease until you fix the situation.

Water Damage Can Enable Mold Growth

Leaky roofs are pretty common, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to get them replaced or repaired. As your roof leaks, water damage can cause mold growth, which can harm your home and your health.

Sometimes you might not even see the mold because it’s hidden in the walls. The last thing you want to do is continue to breathe in mold spores over time because you keep putting off your roof replacement.

You Might Have to Deal with Rodents and Other Vermin

There’s a good chance that you don’t want to share your home with rodents and other vermin. You can take all the precautions to keep them out, but putting off your roof replacement can attract these unwanted house guests.

Bats, rats, mice, insects, and other vermin can quickly get inside your attic when the shingles are rotting or defective. Once inside, they can leave behind toxins from their urine and feces, infect your food, eat your furniture, and much more.

Not only will you have a roof replacement to worry about, but now you’ll need to hire a professional pest control company to help eradicate your pest problem.

Reduced Energy Efficiency Levels

No one wants to pay more for heating and cooling costs than you have to. When you don’t replace your roof when you need to, a deteriorating roof will cause you to have reduced energy efficiency levels in your home.

Not only will your home not stay as warm or cool, but your energy bills will go through the roof, figuratively, not literally. Plus, keeping a stable roof is energy efficient, which will keep your carbon footprint lower.

The Roof Will Continue To Deteriorate

In more extreme cases of putting off your roof replacement, your roof will just continue to deteriorate over time. When you do this, it can even lead to premature roof failure that will cause a slew of more problems in the long run.

As your house’s roof deteriorates, it could lead to your roof collapsing randomly or during a storm or a fire hazard. Your shingles might not provide enough protection because of their deteriorating condition, which can lead to roof decking and rafter damage.

Even if your roof isn’t in terrible condition, the longer you wait to put it off, the more it will deteriorate over time. It’s best to replace your roof or repair it at the end of its lifespan to prevent it from collapsing.

There’s the Risk of House Fires

The last thing anyone wants is a house fire to happen to their home. It can be a fire hazard when you continue to put off your roof replacement.

The longer you wait to replace your roof, moisture can get under the shingles. As moisture seeps into your shingles over a period of years, your roof can start to rot. When you have roof rot, it weakens the structure of your home.

As your roof rots and more water seeps into your home, it will likely come in contact with electrical wires. When this happens, fires are more likely to start. This could destroy a part of your home or the entire house. Replacing your roof is far easier than replacing the belongings you’ve lost in a house fire.

Insurance Can Deny Any Roofing Claims

If you’re planning on filing a claim with your insurance company for your roofing job, putting it off can make it easier for the insurance company to deny your roofing claim.

There’s a good chance that the longer you put off the replacement, your warranty might expire, or it won’t be in the condition that your insurer requires for them to assist with the replacement.

On the off chance your insurance company is still willing to help you with your roof repair or replacement, you run the risk of the coverage being far less than what it would’ve been had you followed through with the job sooner.

To avoid insurance companies potentially denying your claim, get in touch with them as soon as possible to get started on your roofing repair.

Don’t Let Delays and Procrastination Get the Better of You and Your Roof

What Happens When You Wait Too Long To Replace Your RoofPutting it off can have drastic consequences when it comes to replacing your roof because of damage or age. From an elevated risk of house fires to dealing with rodents, mold growth, and everything in between, don’t keep putting your roof replacement off.

Thankfully, our skilled team of professionals is able to provide you with the best roofing services in the area. At Advantage Construction we have the mission to keep you and your family safe. We’ll meet with you and offer a quote before beginning, and we’ll get your roof replaced as quickly as possible.

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