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How to Spot an Untrustworthy Roofing Company

Vultures are on the prowl looking for unsuspecting victims to scavenge on. This phrase might not hit home when you’re looking for roofing services. Especially if it’s your first time doing it, but beware. Only trust certain contractors appearing at your door to offer roofing services.

A select few of these contractors are scammers. These contractors will either perform substandard work or bolt with your money without rendering any service. That’s why it is essential to know the signs of an untrustworthy roofing company before committing. Here are a few tips to get you going.

Lacks a Valid License

How to Spot an Untrustworthy Roofing CompanyA professional roofer should have official authority to work on a project. Evidence of this professionalism includes a license and a permit. An official license proves that the roofer has the knowledge and ability to repair roofs. The business permit is evidence that the roofing company has the blessings of all the concerned authorities to perform the work in your location.

Ask a roofing company for copies of all their licenses and permits before contracting them. An untrustworthy contractor might not give out this information because they lack it. Others may try to be sneaky by printing out fake permits and licenses. It will help if you research what licenses look like and how to verify their validity before asking a contractor to provide one. This way, you can spot a fake one from a mile away. If a contractor lacks a valid license or uses a fake one, it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

No Insurance

Roofs are a delicate component of every building. One mistake on a roof could snowball into a myriad of problems leading to heavy financial loss. Also, roofing is a dangerous task. You can sustain serious injuries or even die from slipping or falling when repairing a roof. These are some of the reasons that make it critical for licensed roofing companies to insure themselves.

Do not trust a company that does not have insurance. Working with these companies puts you at a disadvantage should your roof incur further damage during repairs or replacement. A company without insurance might force you to dig deeper into your pocket to cater for the extra damage. It is also a legal requirement for roofing companies to have insurance. So, why should you trust a company that doesn’t follow the law?

Some people might turn to their insurance to cover for the damages on the roof during the repair. This road might lead to a dead-end in the long run. Your insurance company will investigate and find out that you contracted an unreliable contractor to do the repair. That’s enough reason for the insurance to deny your claim.

Asking for Payment Upfront

Most honest roofing companies provide their clients with an elaborate payment plan. The plans, in most cases, will include a deposit you need to pay before the roofers begin the job. As a rule of thumb, only pay for a job after completion. A roofing company that insists on full payment upfront is a major red flag. It would be best if you researched it further to check their credibility.

Some scammers do not have the capital outlay necessary for the job. They’ll ask you to provide upfront payment to bridge this gap. These scammers would want to maximize their profits. Therefore, they’ll buy cheap materials and deliver substandard labor to minimize costs. In the worst-case scenario, a contractor might vanish once you provide full upfront payment.

Poor Online Reviews

A roofing company might have all licenses and insurance that the business ought to have. However, that should not be a reason for letting your guard down when engaging them. What do people say about the company? The opinion of people who’ve had first-hand encounters with these companies is vital. The information could give you an idea of the level of service to expect from a prospective company.

Go online and check what people say about the roofing company you’re about to use. Poor reviews from many people is a substantial red flag. A company with poor reviews most likely provides low-quality services or treats clients with contempt. If you choose to work with these companies, brace yourself for headaches.

Poor Communication

Clear communication is crucial to the success of a roofing project. You can gauge the trustworthiness of your contractor by looking at how they communicate with you. An untrustworthy contractor is difficult to reach; and when you get them, they give misleading information or different answers to the same questions every time. A shady contractor might also take unreasonably long to respond to your requests.

Proper communication between a contractor and a client builds trust. Therefore, work with roofing companies that go out of their way to explain their processes in simple language that you can digest. Changing your roofing company partner is still okay if you have a communication breakdown.

Find a Trustworthy Partner in Advantage Construction

How to Spot an Untrustworthy Roofing CompanyAn untrustworthy roofing company only adds to the list of your problems. A company like this might end up ripping you off without providing any service. They also may provide the service but at a substandard level that may worsen the condition of your roof. If you want to escape these headaches, trust Advantage Construction as your roofing partner. Contact our team today to get started.

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