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What Happens When You Wait Too Long To Replace Your Roof

When you get the news that a big storm is heading your way, it can send your mind into a tizzy. Some homes make it through without storm damage, but others aren’t so lucky. If you notice any roof storm damage, even if it seems small, calling a professional for a roof inspection should be one of your first steps!

Getting a roof inspection done by an experienced construction company will help you get an extensive idea of the damage that occurred, assess exact repair costs, and ensure the roof repairs get done correctly and safely. Don’t attempt to examine and fix your storm-damaged roof yourself.

Here are some of the advantages of having a roof inspection conducted after a detrimental storm passes.

A Few Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection Conducted

If you need storm damage roof repairs, calling an experienced company for help can offer you the following advantages.

You’ll Be Safe

How to Spot an Untrustworthy Roofing CompanyAfter a storm hits, nobody will stop you from climbing onto your roof to assess the damage. However, doing this is unsafe, as you aren’t a trained roofing construction worker.

You might think you know what you’re doing, but one little mishap can cause you to get hurt and even damage your roof further. Unless you work for a roofing company that has expertise in exterior construction and remodeling, you won’t know the full extent of the storm damage.

Calling experts to assess the storm damage will keep you safely on the ground and prevent roof-related injuries.

Roofing construction is one of the top 25 most dangerous jobs in the United States, with 41 out of every 100,000 employees ending up with fatal injuries.

This happens to trained professionals. So imagine the injury odds for an untrained citizen attempting to fix their roof problems. It’s a dangerous chance to take, so leave the fixing to the professionals.

Quick Resolution Time

When you decide to get a roof inspection from a professional, they typically send out a team to assess the wind and water damage as soon as they have availability. During the assessment, the team will usually take an hour or more to thoroughly examine your roof.

By the end of the assessment, the company should be able to give you an estimate of how much the damages will cost you.

If you’re ready to get started on the repairs, they’ll usually set up a repair date during your inspection appointment and tell you how long it should take them. Most repairs can take as little as a day, depending on severity.

Roofing repair companies will get the ball rolling and expedite the repair process because they know the dangers of a damaged roof.

They Can Save You Some Money

Even if you think your roof storm damage looks like something small and easily fixable, you should still ask a professional to visit for a roof inspection. That small problem you’re seeing could be a tiny piece of the damage puzzle.

Something as small as a few damaged shingles due to wind could lead to water damage if not cleaned up and fixed properly. Water damage is something you want to avoid at all costs, as it could lead to structural deterioration and mold growth, which can harm you and your family.

If something like this isn’t fixed properly or noticed the first time, you might find yourself spending more money on repairs down the line.

There are billions of dollars lost to natural disasters every year . So, if you don’t have professional help from the beginning, another disaster can easily come in and make your storm damage much worse. Simply listening to the roofing inspector and allowing them to perform repairs correctly will keep your roof in good condition for years to come.

Professionals Can Aid In the Insurance Claim Process

Realizing your roof needs fixing is stressful enough, but trying to file an insurance claim on top of it is even worse. The claim process can seem like a nuisance, as you’ll need detailed pictures and descriptions of what happened. It’s also nerve-wracking because if you don’t get the insurance claim out, you’ll have to pay for the damage repairs yourself.

During a roof inspection, the inspectors will not only examine the roof, but they can help you with the following so you can jumpstart the insurance claim process:

  • Figure out if the damage is applicable for filing a claim
  • Take pictures of all the water and wind damages
  • Guide you through the paperwork process so you give the insurance company proper documentation of the damages

These simple things can make the claim process less daunting and help you get it filed much faster than if you were figuring it out on your own.

They Can Detect All Storm Damage, Whether Big, Small, Visible, or Invisible

Get Started on Your Perfect Rogers Townhouse Roofing ProjectOnce the storm passes and you take a quick peek at your roof, you might see nothing wrong with it. However, storm damage can be sneaky.

By having a professional roof inspection performed, they will take the time to climb up onto your roof and examine every square inch. This will allow them to see the tiny wind and water damage issues that you can’t see from the ground. Some issues could even be invisible to your eye but might stick out to a roof inspector’s eye.

Issues like water damage are hard to spot for homeowners until they see water dripping through their ceiling or mold growth. An inspector will be able to catch water damage before it spreads.

Inspectors will not ignore or overlook anything. They’ll take note of every misplaced shingle, crack, or pinhole they find.

Get Your Roof Back to Normal Today!

Don’t let the storm damage repair process scare you, and never try to handle the damage yourself. Contact Advantage Construction today to protect your home from further damage and kickstart the repair process with a free storm damage roof inspection.


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