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how to find air leaks in older windows

Homeowners concerned with air leakage and energy efficiency often focus on new, high-performance windows. In truth, all the investments in insulation and ventilation won’t do you any good if you have air leaks around your windows.

This is why homeowners should pay particular attention to the condition and sealing of their older windows. At Advantage Construction, we see leaking windows on many of our projects. Here are some ways to locate those leaks in your home, so you can be warmer in the coming winter season.

3 Ways to Find Window Leaks

3 ways to find window leaksOlder windows are often not energy efficient and may have air leaks that let cold air in and hot air out. These air leaks drive up your heating and cooling bills, which means you might be paying more than you have to on an essential part of your monthly household budget.

Unfortunately, if you’ve done almost everything to resolve the leak, it often means that a window replacement might be due. Finding air leaks in your windows requires attention to detail and patience. These are three tips to help you locate your window leaks:

Look and Feel Around Your Windows

Older windows can be difficult to seal properly. If you notice light coming in through your windows, your window may leak. Likewise, if you feel a draft coming from the area around your window frames, there may also be air leaks.

Start looking for noticeable cracks on the lining between your window and the wall when outside your house. Afterwards, go inside your home during the day, turn off the lights, and check if daylight is coming through the edges.

If you don’t see any light, try feeling for drafts around the window frame when it’s cold. Put your hand around the perimeter of the window frame to check if there are any drafts. This way, you can tell how much air comes in by checking how cool or warm your hand feels in different locations.

Conduct a Candle Test

If you cannot find an air leak after feeling for drafts, you can conduct a candle test to try and locate a leak. Light a candle and slowly move it around your window frame. The candle test indicates an air leak if the flame flickers when traced through some parts of the window frame.

If you’re not convinced, someone can stand outside the window with a fan or a hairdryer to exaggerate the draft for you to conduct this test.

Rent a Thermal Camera

Use a thermal camera to check for leaks if you cannot detect any light or drafts through your windows using a candle test. Thermal cameras are available for rent from local hardware stores. Thermal imaging cameras are multi-purpose tools used on various indoor and outdoor surfaces.

A thermal camera is similar to an infrared camera, but instead of using infrared light, it detects heat signatures through the use of infrared thermography. The device uses special sensors sensitive to temperature variations caused by the presence of air holes or gaps in your windows’ building material.

The presence of air leaks on your window frame results in a non-uniform color gradient produced by the thermal camera. You may need to scan your windows several times to ensure that you capture all air leaks.

3 Benefits of Replacing Leaky Windows

Many people choose to seal windows regularly to improve the energy efficiency of their houses. However, windows do not last forever. Eventually, they start leaking, making window replacement necessary.

Increased Property’s Resale Value and Curb Appeal

Sealing and repairing leaking windows will contribute to the value of your home. The heavy investment means that you increase your home’s resale value. Replacing leaky windows can make your home more attractive, even if you don’t plan on selling it soon.

Increased Comfort Within Your Home

Properly installed, insulated, and sealed windows will help keep your home comfortable all year. You can enjoy a better temperature throughout the year, reducing unnecessary strain on your air conditioners while improving the safety and security of your living space.

Better Energy Efficiency

Windows are pivotal in keeping your house warm during the cold months and cool during hot summer days. Windows affect the energy efficiency of your home in different ways.

Window leaks may result in significant heat loss during the winter, thus increasing your energy bills. To save more money on your monthly electricity bill, check for leaks around your windows regularly.Better Energy Efficiency

Replace Your Leaking Windows Today

It is important to check for window leaks regularly. Sealing, repairing, or replacing leaking windows can help improve your home’s comfort and save money on your monthly utility bills. With Advantage Construction, you will receive the best quality siding services to ensure your window stays intact for years.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection to determine whether your windows need maintenance or replacement. Our team of experts will be happy to evaluate the state of your old windows and help you with the replacement at an affordable price.

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