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Safe and Secure Windows for Every Home

Everyone wants a safe and secure home. There are countless risks that come with living in any neighborhood. Window safety and window security are big parts of keeping your home safe. Even if you live in a “safe neighborhood”, there’s still a risk of a home invasion or other disaster. Did you know having the right windows can help reduce safety and security risks though? New windows can help increase the chance of escaping a fire, preventing cracked or broken glass, and keeping your family safe. Not to mention, if windows have been painted shut or have broken locking mechanisms, getting them replaced can definitely fix that issue.

New Windows are Easy to Open and Close

While hard-to-open windows may be beneficial in preventing a home invasion, they’re not very helpful in the event of a fire. Windows can be an easy escape route when a home has caught on fire, but a faulty window often means a person can’t manage to open it, resulting in poor fire safety. This greatly decreases the window safety in your home. Doors aren’t always an option in a disastrous event like this with how quickly a fire can spread. If a door is hot, and you have a faulty window, your chances of escape will become nearly impossible until a fire safety and rescue team is on the scene.

If a window is hard to close, this can prove to be a hazardous risk, as the window safety in your home is almost nonexistent. This is before you consider all the bugs that can fly in. If a storm comes in, or you can’t shut and lock the windows at night, debris and/or burglars can get in through the open window. Even birds or rodents may find their way into your home.

Windows Should Lock and Unlock With Ease

Locks are one of the most important things to have on the windows in a home. Sometimes they can prevent a home invasion entirely, keeping your home much safer than it would be if your windows were hard to lock, meaning your home would lack window security entirely. Security locks are one of the best ways to keep anyone from entering through your windows without permission, so don’t leave them out of your invasion protection plan.

Latch Lock

A latch lock window is a mechanism for securing single and/or double windows. The window can only be opened from the outside so, unfortunately, kids may be able to figure out how the mechanism works, but it’s still a great way to help keep your home safe. The latch lock is located inside the house though, so you don’t have to worry about intruders figuring out how to unlock the window. With a latch lock window, you can ensure your home has amazing window security.

Keyed Lock

This type of lock can never be opened without your permission, increasing window security and window safety. This means, unlike latch locks, children won’t be able to open them either without a key. Like the name suggests, the window is locked with a key. You will want to always keep the key close by in case of an emergency, such as a fire or gas leak. Just be sure you have an escape plan if a home emergency arises.

Double Hung Windows for Child Safety

A double-hung window is a window that has two operable sashes (movable panels). These windows open from the top and bottom, meaning the top section would help prevent children from reaching the opening. Both sashes are able to open to provide better ventilation to your house. In this case, the high window security would keep your children and home invaders from opening the window without permission.

It’s also extremely easy to clean double hung windows, as some are able to tilt for easier exterior cleaning. This is only true of the bottom sash, however, but every bit helps. Not to mention, these windows are energy efficient. They’ll keep you and your children safe, as well as save you money on your electric bill.

Reinforced Glass Windows for Added Security

A common way intruders break into homes is by breaking windows. Glass is typically easy to break, especially if an intruder happens to bring along a heavy window for this purpose. With the right type of window glass, you can almost entirely eliminate this chance due to the high window safety of this glass. Reinforced glass is difficult to break, even if someone tries to smash it in with a heavy weapon, such as a crowbar or hammer. As long as every door and window is locked, you’ll hardly have to worry about the chance of a home invasion.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass that’s about four times stronger than what’s typically used for windows. Aside from making it difficult for intruders to break into a home, it’s also less of a hazard to children and adults if broken. Instead of breaking into large dangerous shards of glass, tempered glass will disintegrate into much smaller pieces of glass, which makes it much less likely to cause harm to a person.

Also, this type of glass won’t shatter immediately when damaged. It may crack, but will usually stay in place unless more force is applied. If you want your window safety to be in top shape, then consider having tempered glass installed in your home.

Reinforced Glass

Reinforced glass is a type of glass that’s created to prevent home invasions. It’s much stronger than most types of glass used for home windows. There are several kinds of reinforced glass available, including tempered glass, laminate glass, bullet-proof glass, and plexiglass. No matter which kind you choose, it is certain to keep your window safety and window security.

Window Sensors

Home security is important, and many families have some type of security system in their home, whether it’s a camera or an alarm system for home invasions. What some people may not know is that there are also security sensors for windows. In most cases, a window sensor works using a reed switch and a magnet, with the reed switch attaching to the window frame and the magnet attaching to the actual window. When the window is opened while the sensor is active, an alarm is set off. It’s best to have the window sensor active in the middle of the night, or if someone is home alone, so it alerts you if someone is trying to break into your home. Any type of security sensor is a great way to help keep your home safe.

Safe and Secure Windows for Every Home

There are many ways to increase home security, window safety, and window security. Fortunately, Advantage Construction has everything you need. While an alarm system that alerts you when there’s motion at your front door or when someone enters your home, securing your windows can help a great deal. Keep your family safe and avoid a catastrophe by adding safety measures to your windows. Contact Advantage Construction today to see how we can help your family.

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