Asphalt Shingles Are Beneficial for Your Home’s Exterior

6 Reasons Asphalt Shingles Are Beneficial for Your Home’s Exterior

Deciding which type of roofing material to purchase for your home can be challenging. There are many different types of materials to choose from, like cedar, rubber, slate, copper, tile, wood shakes, metal, and asphalt. Most roofs, however, are constructed using asphalt shingles, and for good reason.

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7 Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Exploring 7 Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Gutters play a vital role in your home’s drainage system. Since their creation in 3,000 B.C., gutters have become increasingly advanced, efficient, and attractive. Today’s seamless gutters represent the highest level of sophistication, featuring an ideal combination of functionality, beauty, and low-maintenance design. Below is a look at the top seven benefits of seamless gutters, and the reasons why a growing number of consumers choose these over traditional sectional gutters.
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4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home’s Gutter System

4 Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Gutter System

Homeowners across Minnesota are familiar with the importance of properly maintaining their home’s gutter system. However, it’s often not a favorable task when it comes to homeownership.

Instead of putting off cleaning your home’s gutter system, it’s crucial that you recognize why doing so regularly can prevent costly damage to your home and property. If gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, a variety of issues can occur, such as:

Excessive water overflow during …Read More

Your Guide for Handling Water Damage in the Home

Your Guide For Handling Water Damage In The Home

Water damage is one of the most devastating things to deal with as a homeowner. Whether it comes to a leaky roof, burst pipe, or a flooded basement, water damage needs immediate attention because its effects can be long-lasting. If the issue isn’t resolved, mold can start growing, and your furniture and other valuable assets may get damaged.

So, what should you do when you experience water damage in your home? …Read More

Roof Damage Prevention and Repair

Roof Damage Prevention and Repair

There are a number of reasons why it’s important for you to stay on top of roof damage prevention and repair. One essential reason is that roof problems typically begin small, but become more serious over time. If you put off roof repair for too long, it will only make the damage to the roof worse, which means you’ll likely require more extensive repairs. In this post, you’ll learn about …Read More

Functionality and Aesthetic for the Perfect Residential Siding Solution

How to Combine Functionality and Aesthetic for the Perfect Residential Siding Solution

The construction industry has made great strides in the last century. Warm, safe, efficient, larger-than-life buildings are arguably one of man’s greatest creations. A building has numerous components that are part and parcel of it. The reliability and sturdiness of these components enable a building to stand for years and years and appeal visually. Siding is one such component.

Siding forms the outermost covering of your house. As it is what …Read More

Insurance Cover Can Help After Damage to Your Home or Business

Are You Covered? How Insurance Can Help After Damage To Your Home or Business

What would happen to your life if you lost everything in a fire or flood? Have you ever thought about how much work it would be to rebuild your home or business? Starting from scratch is no easy task, and the process can take years, if not months. One of the most important things for home and business owners to possess is insurance coverage as it comes in handy in numerous scenarios. …Read More

Residential property with new roof

Key Components of Your Home’s Exterior

From a place to make memories to providing shelter from the elements, there is truly no place like home. The exterior of your home has one important job: protecting you and your family from all weather conditions. Even the strongest of houses are susceptible to extreme storms and general wear and tear. This is why it’s so crucial to maintain the key components of your home’s exterior.

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Attic Insulation: 101

One of the best ways to defend your home against energy loss and costly roofing damage is with an adequate amount of insulation in your attic. At Advantage Construction, we know just how essential it is to have a good insulation system. This is why we offer reliable attic insulation services to help you increase your energy performance and safeguard your home from costly water-related issues.

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The Origin of Hardie Board – One of the Strongest Sidings in the Biz

Are you a commercial or residential property owner seeking siding services? Whether you’re an established or new property owner, you need to invest in your home’s exterior protection by installing high-quality siding. However, to know if a particular siding material is worth the cost, you need to understand various essential details, from where the siding originates and how it has advanced to the characteristics of quality siding and the pros …Read More