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“What was that?”

We’ve all experienced the confusing consequences of ultra-clean windows when birds — and sometimes even humans — walk or fly straight into the sparkling, streak-free glass. Achieving that truly transparent, gleaming glass requires regular maintenance and window cleaning. Although cleaning your home’s windows will be an easy enough DIY job over a few days, an experienced window cleaning contractor can assist in the process, helping it go more quickly, smoothly, and efficiently than if you went solo.

But before you can even think about window cleaning, it’s crucial to inspect your home’s existing window system thoroughly for cracks and other damage indicators. Installing new windows gives you a crisp, fresh start, improving energy efficiency and eliminating the risk of weathering impacts inside your home. Once a modern, high-functioning window system is in place on your property, you can consider implementing seasonal window cleaning schedules. This way, your windows will maintain both beauty and efficiency all year long.

Peering Into the World of Windows

Windows are a requirement for any well-functioning household. Without windows installed in Minnesota or other cold, Midwestern environments, snow, ice, rainwater, animals, and even intruders can quickly access your home. Windows are an effective barrier between everything within your home’s interior and the outside world, whether it’s natural, physical, or human forces.

There were only a few fairly simple window styles available for homeowners to choose from for their houses in the past. However, modern window systems come in many unique shapes and sizes and offer different functionalities, making finding the perfect window for your home a straightforward selection. Your local window contractor can assist you in exploring every type of window before settling on one that suits not only your practical needs but your personal style as well. Some of the most popular window replacement options among American homeowners include:

  • Single or double-hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Slider windows
  • Awning windows
  • Egress windows
  • Casement and clerestory windows

There are different reasons for choosing each type of window we listed above. One window style might work best in a bathroom or basement area, like awning and egress options. While on the other hand, bay and picture windows work better as aesthetic focal points for your home. Finally, single and double-hung windows are the most typical window style, with classic up/down sliding functionalities, so these styles are always a top choice. Take time to evaluate your existing windows, determine your needs or desires, and find the ideal window to install in your home.

Seasonal Window Cleaning Schedule

Once your Minnesota window installation or replacement is complete, more work is required to keep them in optimal condition. Seasonal window maintenance and a stringent cleaning schedule can help you get the most out of your new window system with every season. Your preferred window contractor can prepare a practical maintenance plan for you to follow, or you can keep reading our helping window cleaning guide to learn about the most and least favorable times of year to do this tedious home improvement task.

Spring and Summer

The best time of year to do almost any home improvement project or exterior remodeling job is during the spring and summer. Depending on your location, the weather will be consistently warmer, drier, and calmer, making it easy to predict storms and select an ideal day to complete the work.

Each window style has individual cleaning and maintenance requirements, which a knowledgeable window cleaner or contractor will recognize. Your chosen window company can assist in removing screens, opening up double-pane windows, and thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior panels of your home’s windows.

Professional window cleaning services include specialized techniques, cleaning solutions, and supplies to achieve the ultimate shine. Work with a reliable window cleaning company during the warm spring and summer months to finish this job fast, before fall comes and it’s too late.

Fall and Winter

After the seasons start to change and temperatures drop, snow, ice, and rain typically roll in, making it increasingly difficult to clean your windows and keep them streak or debris-free. The challenges that come with cleaning the exterior panes of your home’s windows in the wintertime are exactly why we always recommend regular cleaning and maintenance in the summer months if you can manage.

Although it might be too cold or snow-covered to trek outside and scour away exterior stains, there are still many ways you can clean windows from inside the warmth and comfort of your home. Gather all the necessary tools and solutions before starting your winter window cleaning endeavor.

Some of the window cleaning supplies you’ll want to have on hand to keep things sparkling even in the windy, cold winter season include:

  • Large, dry bristled brush or duster
  • Bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponges
  • Squeegee
  • Soap and water
  • Ammonia and alcohol-free glass cleaners
  • Vinegar/water mixture (1:10)
  • Drying pad or lint-free cloth

Many online resources can walk you through the most effective methods of cleaning the interior panes of your home’s window system, but we really like this one here from Pella.

Start with a soft-bristled brush or duster to remove any dust, loose dirt, or cobwebs before diving further into the window cleaning procedure. Solutions as simple as dish soap or vinegar and water can produce a sparkling shine on window glass. Squeegees and microfiber cloths created specifically for streak-free drying will leave you with a perfectly restored final result.

Work With a Trusted Window Repair Professional

In the colder months, it’s easier to keep up with regular window maintenance since the weather will put more limitations on how much you can actually get clean. However, when spring or summer finally rolls around, it’s not enough to simply spot-check each window and wipe away the visible dirt, debris, or steaks on the outside.

Instead, work with an experienced window contractor to develop an effective course of action to get your windows as clean as possible while the weather is still nice. Don’t hesitate to contact a window cleaning company like Advantage Construction to take care of all the necessary steps to achieve clean windows that will look like new.

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