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When designing or upgrading your home, a positive first impression is at the forefront of your mind most of the time. The roof on your house is one of the first details individuals notice when viewing your property, so the right material is incredibly important. There are many different options for roofing consisting of an assortment of materials, shapes, colors, and attributes, meaning doing extensive research is helpful when going through the design process. Cedar shakes provide a variety of benefits for homeowners from enhanced insulation and customization options to its environmentally friendly attributes.

What Are Cedar Shakes?

Cedar shakes are split on one or both sides by hand from lumber logs while utilizing special crafting tools. Because of their natural consistency, they can easily be crafted into a shape by hand but will require some power equipment depending on the situation. If the desired texture isn’t portrayed in natural form, a saw can be utilized to add any additional texture.

The following benefits are among the reasons as to why many homeowners select cedar shakes for their properties:

Enhanced Insulation

Compared to other roofing options, cedar shakes cannot be beaten when it comes to proper insulation for your home. Cedar has natural insulating properties as the inner grains of the wood have air pockets that prevent fluctuating temperature levels from passing through either side. The air pockets allow cedar to act as a protective barrier that prevents the passage of cold winds and hot sunlight from permeating your attic and living areas. The insulation provided by cedar shakes keeps the cold air supplied by your air conditioner inside your home. It also prevents the hot rays of the sun from unnecessarily heating in the summer. In the cooler months, cedar shakes help prevent cold drafts from entering your home and traps warmth generated by heaters and fireplaces inside. These protective features help lower your heating and air conditioning bills all year long.

Long-Lasting Durability

Cedar is known as one of the world’s toughest, most durable woods, which means it’s a perfect candidate for your next roof installation. Due to its ability to enhance the structural strength of your roof creates a safer environment for you and your family and is an excellent long-term investment that you won’t regret. Cedar shakes withstand the seasons as well as the fluctuating temperatures and unexpected weather that accompanies them. The consistency of cedar shakes allows them to maintain their original size and dimensions regardless of the elements they encounter. If properly cared for and maintained, cedar roofing can last up to fifty years.

Damage Resistance

Due to its proven durability, cedar is exceptionally resistant to damage. Its ability to stand up to the unpredictable winds of nature allows cedar shakes to keep their shape and character with minimal upkeep. Cedar roofing contains many natural preservatives that help the material remain resistant to ultraviolet rays, moisture, wind, and moss growth over the years. Additionally, it can be factory treated to be fire, fungus, and insect resistant. When compared to other roofing options, cedar shakes can withstand damage from hail and many other storm-based elements.

Variety of Customization Options

Whether you choose to treat your cedar shakes or leave them natural, this roofing option offers a timeless look that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Cedar shakes provide a more rustic, rough-hewn appearance and can be shaped in a variety of ways.

  • Square
  • Diagonal
  • Diamond-Shaped
  • Rounded
  • Arrow-Tipped
  • Half-Cove

The variety of shapes available allows homeowners to find a shake style that connects with the overall façade of your property. Cedar shakes can be finished with an assortment of stains, oils, coatings, and paint to encapsulate the look you’ve imagined. If cedar shakes are left natural, a transparent finish can be applied to keep them in great shape over the years. As they age, the cedar will become a silvery or grayish tone that is appealing to some. Most commonly, treated shingles are more likely to draw a potential home buyer to your property.

Natural Insect Repellent

Other than the amazing structural stability of cedar shakes, it is also known to ward off mite infestations. Houses with wood structures on the outside are typically more susceptible to termite destruction, which can lead to costly repairs. However, cedar roofs have proven to be resistant to termites as a chemical naturally exists in cedar that isn’t palatable to termites. Termites have a lower survival rate and are killed more frequently should they choose to infest cedar. This has proven to be true even in areas where mite infestation is widespread.

Think Green

For homeowners that are looking for an environmentally friendly option, cedar shakes stand above other roofing types when it comes to sustainability, energy savings, and recyclability. Cedar itself is an organic product that is grown and harvested from sustainably grown forests located throughout the United States. This allows for cedar shakes not to require any chemicals during the production process and doesn’t use as much fossil fuel when compared to a traditional shingle. Additionally, each time a tree is reduced, a new tree is grown in its place, creating a self-sustaining supply chain. Another appealing detail of utilizing cedar shakes for your roofing material is that unlike other types of roofing, cedar shakes can be recycled into bark dust and wood chips to be used for gardening and much more.

Increased Property Value

A roof made from cedar shakes will likely boost the resale value of your home as they are prevalent in the realty market. Potential home buyers search for features that promise minimal upkeep and a long-life, making cedar shakes one of the most exceptional products for your residential or commercial location. While cedar shakes require a hefty financial investment, their longevity proves that it will likely only be a one-time cost, which is very appealing to new homeowners.

Pleasant Smell and Light Weight

Given its lightweight consistency, cedar is an excellent option if choosing to transition from a weaker roofing product. Cedar shakes will not put excess weight on your home, meaning you won’t have to worry about the structural composition behind your roofing system when making the change. The application process is quite simple, and a protective barrier is automatically formed to protect your home from anything that comes its way. Cedar is also accompanied by a delightful smell that can instill beauty and coziness in a recently built home. In older homes, cedar can add a fresh scent rather than the mustiness that’s often associated. Visitors and potential home buyers account for smell almost immediately upon entering a home and having the unique smell of cedar can enhance their experience in your home.

Make the Transition to Cedar Shakes

Overall, cedar shakes are an excellent addition to your home, whether you’re newly designing or choosing to upgrade. This roofing option provides homeowners with a variety of benefits from enhanced insulation and customization options to its natural insect repellent capabilities. While there are many options out there, cedar shakes will provide you with an assortment of customization options so you can create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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