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Affordable Roofing for Your Townhomes In Maple Groove

Durable and Affordable Roofing for Your Townhomes

When you need an affordable, honest roofing contractor in Maple Grove, MN look no further than Advantage Construction. We value transparency, convenience, and quality with each townhouse roofing project.

As an Owens Corning “Top of the House” certified installer, we have been thoroughly reviewed and considered a premier installation professional. Our contractors have not only expertise but also a deep understanding of all building codes.


Roofing Company Trusted by Maple Grove Property Owners

At Advantage Construction, we value each and every project. As a result, we ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Each project includes access to a project manager, daily dumpster rental, and ongoing communication with your team.

Have questions about your project and its progress? Feel free to reach out as we value transparency and open communication with each one of our clients.
Townhomes Roofing Services In Maple Groove

Digitally Design the Perfect Roof

Designing your roof is a big project. Need roofing inspiration? With Design EyeQ and CertainTeed design tools, you can design your dream roof virtually.

Creating a virtual replica of your dream roof ensures your project manager understands your roofing goals. It also helps you test out different roof and shingle options to help you choose a roof that will leave you satisfied.

Design EyeQ allows you to browse previous projects so you can use them as inspiration for your own. It also allows you to check out other Maple Grove homes in your area to understand the current roofing trends. You can use CertainTeed to test out different colors or to try out accents like different trims or blends.

Many of our customers also use these programs to finalize and integrate the full renovation of their homes. Even if you’re only planning to design your new roof now, it’s never too early to plan out the colors and materials so you can achieve a consistent look.

Our High-Quality Roofing Material Options

Advantage Construction has a wide variety of high-quality roofing materials and product options available. Here are a few of our top roof and shingle options:


Shingles are one of the most popular roofing choices for a lot of reasons. They’re affordable and look great on most homes. High-quality shingles are a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal and value. Our roofing contractors in Maple Grove, MN often recommend premium shingles for our local townhouse projects.

Singles are also impact-resistant and one of the most durable roofing materials, making them an excellent choice for inclement weather. Shingles are highly fire resistant and are made with noise dampening materials. This means you can reduce exterior noises and enjoy a good night of rest or block out noises for a quiet day.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs come at a higher cost but also require less maintenance. If you’re looking for an attractive roofing material that requires little to no upkeep, metal roofing is it. Metal roofing is another one of our favorite durable roofing materials, as it’s also highly fire resistant and is a great choice when you live in areas with heavy rainfall or a lot of snowfall.

Cedar Shakes

Were you looking for an elegant, visually appealing roofing material? Look no further than our high-quality cedar shakes. Cedar shakes are one of the best choices if you’re looking for something unique that stands out and makes your home the best on the block.

Cedar shakes require more upkeep and maintenance, but one of our top roofing contractors in Maple Grove, MN can help you create a maintenance schedule. We recommend adding a water-repellent coat to your cedar shakes every five years to help maintain their quality and durability longer.

Why Choose Advantage Construction?

At Advantage Construction, we know that you have a lot of options in the Maple Grove, MN area. Our roofing contractors in Maple Grove, MN understand how important a roof is to your project. Here are a few reasons to choose Advantage Construction for your next roofing project:

Your Townhome’s Protection Comes First

We prioritize the protection and condition of your home with every project. Our crew is well-trained, and your assigned project manager always ensures your home is in good shape. A new roof is also vital in protecting you and your family from the elements. Because we use only the highest quality, most durable materials and we put dedication into each project, you can trust that we always put you and your townhome’s protection first.

Old Materials Are Inspected and Removed

Here at Advantage Construction, we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. This reduces the overall investment in your roof and decreases the number of repairs you need. Removing the old materials also helps protect your home’s structural integrity. We carefully inspect the condition of your roof before installing new roofing on your townhouse.

New Installation Preparation

Your home’s roofing project doesn’t begin the day we remove the old roofing and apply the new one. Your project begins long before that with planning, preparing, and ensuring that everything goes as it should. While we don’t expect any obstacles to occur along the way, we’re always there to help if they do. Our roofing contractors in Maple Grove, MN always put the customer first.

Incorporating Your New Roof Materials

The most appealing homes are ones that are carefully designed and integrated with the rest of the home’s materials. Advantage Construction considers all elements of your home project. At Advantage Construction, we know that every homeowner’s project needs are different. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your roofing installation goals.

Townhome Roofing Project In Maple Groove MN

Get Started On Your Maple Grove Townhouse Roofing Project!

If you’re thinking about installing a new roof, Advantage Construction is the way to go. Our company is the top roofing contractor in Maple Grove, MN for all your townhouse roofing installation needs. Contact us today to learn more about townhome high-quality roofing options and why we are the best contractors for your next project!

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

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