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A Dependable Townhouse Roofing Contractor in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Roofing for Inver Grove Heights, MN Townhouses and Townhomes Townhouse and townhome property owners understand the severity of weather challenges on their roofs. For instance, you can never determine when a storm will damage your roof. Heavy downpours result in roof damage translating to excessive wear and tear, aging, and loose shingles.

Installing high-quality roofing materials that withstand harsh weather conditions is crucial. The only thing that can ascertain a proper roofing installation execution is hiring a roofing contractor in Inver Grove Heights, MN who recognizes the need for durable roofing materials and adequate roof repair, replacement, and installment procedures.

As one of the roofing contracting companies in the city, Advantage Construction prides itself on offering convenient and reliable roofing installation services tailored to our client’s needs.

We strive to make repairs and conduct proper roofing installations that fit your standards.

We are a dependable, organized, and detail-oriented townhouse roofing contractor company that always puts our clients first by offering the best customer service.

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Inver Grove Heights Property Owners’ Trusted Roofing Company

As a townhouse owner in Minnesota, we understand that you need a reliable construction company that guarantees value for money. Fortunately, you can rely on Advantage Construction for all your roofing needs.

As a reputable Inver Grove Heights, MN roofing contractor, we can provide advanced roofing systems, transparency, and quality project management every time.

At Advantage Construction, your roofing success is our goal. Together with our experienced craftsmen, we can guarantee you timely repairs, fast response, and high-quality roofing services. Below are some of the promises we offer our clients:

  • Routine roofing maintenance and repairs
  • Expertise in residential and commercial roofing
  • Exceptional customer support and trustworthiness
  • Professional advice on roof and shingle options


Insurance Claims Process Made Easy

Unfortunately, nobody can predict mother nature, and unexpected storms and weather can negatively impact your home’s exteriors, especially the roofs and siding. It is crucial to have stormwater damage insurance in case of an emergency.

Soon after storm damage, our Advantage Construction team will conduct a thorough inspection. Because we are leading experts in storm damage repair and insurance claim processes, we will offer guidance on collecting evidence and making a proper insurance claim.

We can help take photos of the damage done on your personal property, including visible cracks and holes on the roof, fallen trees, and blown-out roof shingles in the yard. This will show the extent of the storm damage when making an insurance claim.

We guarantee that our expert advice and guidance will get you the compensation you deserve.

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Digitally Design the Ideal Roofing Solution

Depending on a townhome’s design and structure, its roof potentially takes up most of the exterior space, playing a huge role in curb appeal. So, when choosing the roofing designs, materials, and colors, residents have different tastes and preferences.

As the owner, you can select and design your new roof based on your preferences. You can also compare various roof and shingle options to determine the best-fit choice for your home. Fortunately, with Advantage Construction by your side, you can visualize your roof design digitally using the available digital tools, including:

High-Quality Roofing Materials

By choosing Advantage Construction as your trusted roofing contractor from Inver Grove Heights, MN, you can get high-quality and durable roofing materials for your roofing needs and projects. Here are some available roofing system options you can choose from to complement your townhouse or townhome.


Most homeowners opt for asphalt roofing shingles for their wide range of benefits. They are also made of durable roofing materials, providing excellent uplift resistance and multi-layer protection.

Additionally, shingles are fire-resistant and provide excellent thermal performance. As such, when exploring your options, select the types of shingles that can guarantee roof longevity and curb appeal.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is ideal if you want to install a stylish roof on a new building or replace your old roof. They are low-maintenance and are unaffected by fungal growth, moss, or mold. They are also visibly appealing, have a life span of almost 40 years, and are eco-friendly.

While metal roof materials are expensive, they significantly offer a return on investment for their fire resistance and longevity properties. As a townhome owner, consider a roofing solution that gives you value for money.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes roofing materials are becoming quite popular amongst townhome property owners for their durability. Cedar shakes are mostly made from thick cedar wood and designed to emulate shingle shapes. This type of roofing solution offers your home a refined look.

Fortunately, cedar shakes roofing materials are sturdy, can withstand storm rain damage, and are resistant to insects, rots, and mold growth. They are worth the investment.

Get Started on Your Perfect Inver Grove Heights Townhouse Roofing Project

When considering roof repairs and installations on your townhome, consider Advantage Construction roofing contractor company in Inver Grove Heights, MN. By partnering with our company, you will be assured of quality roofing installations and repairs using the best, most durable, and budget-friendly roofing materials. We’ll also help you design your new roof, ensuring it matches your home’s needs and suits your preferences.

Your Inver Grove Heights, MN townhome deserves a long-lasting roofing system, which we can deliver. We welcome the opportunity to be your number-one roofing service provider.

**See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

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