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Your Roof Protects More Than Just Your Townhome

Secure the safety and comfort of your townhome and family with a reliable roofing solution. Advantage Construction is here for you, offering round-the-clock availability to provide state-of-the-art roofing systems that boost your property’s energy efficiency. Rely on us to safeguard your townhome from Minnesota’s ever-changing weather, ensuring lasting protection you can depend on.

Industry-Leading Roofing Experts

Has recent storm activity left your Minnesota townhome’s shingles in disarray? Whether it’s routine maintenance or storm damage repairs, finding a reliable roofing provider is crucial for Minnesota townhome owners. At Advantage Construction, we surpass expectations to meet our customers’ needs. With our extensive experience in the Minnesota roofing industry, we proudly hold the distinction of being recognized as an Owens Corning “Top of the House” Certified Installer.

Yet, our roofing services extend far beyond mere shingle replacement. Opting for Advantage Construction means choosing a comprehensive roofing solution. We ensure your townhome’s roof is not just durable but also energy-efficient, incorporating everything from high-quality shingles to superior attic insulation and ventilation.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re delighted to offer the longest extended warranties available in the market for Owens Corning Shingles, reaching an impressive 50 years.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

Create Your New Roof Instantly

Are you looking forward to the final appearance of your roof makeover? With the help of Advantage Construction’s selection of easy-to-use design tools, customers may virtually design the roofs of their dreams. You can see how your new roof will appear before any work starts thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, which will guarantee that you are completely happy with how everything turns out.

Our Townhome Roofing Services

Recognizing that every townhome owner has unique needs, Advantage Construction offers a diverse range of expert services. Whether you require a full roof replacement, inspection, or routine repairs and maintenance, our team has you covered.

Full Roof Replacement

Advantage Construction is the go-to contractor since it has earned the confidence of many townhome owners in Minnesota. Our staff has a wealth of expertise in replacing multifamily roofs, and our outstanding portfolio demonstrates our unwavering dedication to quality work. Selecting us gives you access to superior roofing materials, unmatched craftsmanship, and individualized customer care catered to your unique requirements. Throughout the whole project, Advantage Construction is your trusted partner, regardless of the size or location of your townhome.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Getting new roofing for your townhome is more important than just maintenance; it’s an investment in protecting your loved ones and belongings from the weather. Our team of roofing experts is accessible around the clock to handle any maintenance or repair needs your roof may require since they recognize how important this obligation is. Prompt action is essential to replacing missing shingles, finding hidden leaks, and addressing other problems before they get worse.

Over time, ignoring seemingly minor concerns might result in larger ones, such as structural difficulties, mold development, or water damage. By taking proactive measures with our committed roofing services, you can protect the integrity of your house and feel more at ease. Take immediate action to safeguard what matters most and increase your house’s resilience.

Roof Inspections

Knowing the age of your townhome’s roof and when it last underwent a close-up inspection by an expert is essential. In Minnesota, where weather can be unpredictable, high winds, hail, and other inclement conditions can damage your roof unexpectedly. At Advantage Construction, we provide expert roof inspections for our customers, meticulously documenting all damage found. We assist you in filing your homeowner’s insurance claim and promptly schedule roofing repairs or replacements as needed.

Roof Installation and Repair the Advantage Construction Way

Since a trustworthy roofing system is essential to preserving the value of your Minnesota home, Advantage Construction’s roofers put quality first. Our dedication is to always offering superior roofing solutions. Whether it’s for a larger property or a smaller townhouse, you can always count on us to provide high-quality materials and skillful execution.

Realizing that the roof of your townhome serves to safeguard your house and the occupants, our main goal at Advantage Construction is to provide dependable safety. Once your project has started, our exceptional team members will stop at nothing to prevent construction waste from damaging your house. To ensure your house is safe at all times, we employ a range of protective products.

Do you realize the importance of ensuring roofing installations and repairs are done correctly to avoid costly services in the future? At Advantage Construction, our team will inspect the wooden decking underneath your roof before starting the project to rule out any additional maintenance needs. Your home’s structural integrity plays a significant role in protecting your household members. Our roofing experts are here to detect any damage to your wooden decking and complete repairs before installing your new roof.

After confirming the integrity of your townhome’s overall structure and wooden decking, we ensure all necessary materials are in place for the roof installation or repair. At Advantage Construction, we prioritize transparent communication, keeping you informed about recommendations, challenges, and project progress at every stage. With us, you can trust that your townhome, yourself, and your household members always come first, eliminating any worries about the direction of your project.

Once our roofing professionals have thoroughly examined the wooden decking, assessed the structural soundness, and considered any special demands of your townhome, it’s time to kickstart your project by installing your new roof materials. When you choose Advantage Construction, rest assured you’ll receive a final product that sets the industry standard in terms of care, attention to detail, and experience.

Your Go-To Townhome Roofing Contractor

Owning a townhome is a substantial financial commitment, which is why the Advantage Construction team is here to offer professional roofing installation and maintenance services, no matter the size of your property. Along with securing a long-lasting roofing system, you’ll also build a strong relationship with professionals in the roofing sector. Reach out to Advantage Construction today to kickstart your next townhome roofing project and ensure the protection your home and family members need.

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