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Protect Your Home With Top-Quality Gutters

Are you trying to find a better way to prevent water damage and pooling in your house? Has excessive erosion caused damage to your lawn and landscaping? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Customers of Advantage Construction have access to seamless gutters in Bloomington that are made to order on-site. There are several advantages to choosing seamless gutters for your home’s exterior design, including reduced clogging, simple installation, low maintenance needs, fewer leaks, and an attractive appearance.

Recognizing the significant investment tied to homeownership and the paramount need for dependable protection to preserve the impeccable appearance of your residence, we stand ready to assist you. Whether you find yourself deliberating between seamless and traditional gutters, our team of gutter experts is committed to guiding you through the entire process, ensuring that you arrive at the optimal choice for your property.

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We urge you to speak with a customer care agent right now to begin the process of improving your home’s security with our seamless gutters, which lead the industry. Our gutter specialists have worked on a range of houses, big and small. We promise that if you choose Advantage Construction, you will get a cutting-edge gutter solution that you will be pleased with for many years to come.


Comparing Seamless and Regular Gutters

High-quality gutters play a crucial role in safeguarding your home and roofing system by efficiently channeling excess water away, preventing leaks, and preserving your home’s foundation. When it comes to gutter systems, homeowners often face a choice between seamless and regular options. Understanding the distinctions is key.

Traditional gutters are pre-cut into sections for easy installation. However, to prevent leaks and potential damage, the seams and joints of regular gutters must be meticulously sealed.

On the other hand, seamless gutters are crafted as a single, continuous piece, eliminating the need for seams and joints. This design not only prevents the risk of leaks but also directs rainwater away from the foundation, protecting against water damage. Seamless gutters are instrumental in averting water leakage through foundation walls and into basements. Additionally, they help prevent water pooling around the foundation, mitigating erosion damage to your landscaping and lawn.

Choosing between seamless and regular gutters requires consideration of factors such as your home’s design and your budget. Our gutter experts have outlined the pros and cons of seamless gutters below for your evaluation. Regardless of your choice, the Advantage Construction team is ready to assist you in selecting the optimal gutter system for your home.


Custom Gutters Made On-Site

At Advantage Construction, our professionals create custom seamless gutters on-site to ensure a perfect fit for your house. We use a truck-mounted metal fabricating machine to create seamless gutters by folding a continuous roll of coiled metal into long sections. The only places where the seamless gutter has seams after installation are where the downspouts and corners are attached.

We use heavyweight aluminum to fabricate gutters. Cut precisely the right lengths of .032-gauge metal, then install them with heavy-duty brackets so they can withstand wintertime accumulation of snow and ice. We offer our premium “K” style gutters in two widths: 5″ wide for residential installations and 6″ wide for commercial ones. Our aluminum gutters are resistant to rust and are available in more than 30 color choices.


Low-Maintenance Gutter Covers

Preserving the integrity of your home’s foundation, lawn, and landscaping is crucial, and the gutters on your home play a pivotal role in achieving this safeguard. While you may have already invested in a high-caliber gutter system, there’s an opportunity to bolster your defense against potential harm. Gutter covers act as a shield, preventing excess debris from infiltrating your gutter system, a common culprit for significant damage. The repercussions of obstructed gutters, including distortion, drooping, and water spillage, pose threats to both your landscaping and foundation.


Selecting gutter covers eliminates the need for routine gutter cleaning. Homeowners, particularly those with trees on their property, frequently opt for gutter covers or screens to thwart the accumulation of leaves during the changing seasons. Advantage Construction provides a diverse array of solutions to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. Our industry-leading experts are ready to assist you in pinpointing the optimal solution for your home, taking your budget into meticulous consideration. With our expertise, you can enjoy the advantages of hassle-free gutter maintenance and prolonged protection for your home.


  • Reverse Curve: Guiding water downward through a narrow slit into the gutter system while encouraging leaves and debris to fall to the ground below.
  • Mesh: Our experts affix mesh sheets with perforations that cover the gutter system and adhere to roof shingles. The holes vary in size, with smaller holes effectively sifting out debris while allowing water to flow into the gutter.
  • Bottle Brush: Ideal for preventing bird nests in your gutters, bottle brush gutter guards use upright bristles to keep unwanted wildlife away. These bristles also allow excess debris to settle on top while enabling water to flow into the gutter.
  • Nylon: Tailored for colder climates, nylon gutter guards prevent winter damage caused by snow and ice accumulation. This design helps avoid excess buildup during winter months.
  • Non-Gutter Cover: Replacing existing gutters with angled thin louvers or horizontal slats to divert rain and excess water away from your home.
  • Foam Type: Homeowners can opt for foam-type gutter guards featuring durable plastic directly fitted into the gutter. These guards block all debris from entering the gutter system.

Enhance Your Home’s Protection With Advantage Construction

Inadequately installed gutters pose a significant risk of severe damage to your home. The repercussions of faulty gutters extend to potential harm to your foundation, lawn, and landscaping, resulting in substantial repair costs. At Advantage Construction of Bloomington, our team is poised to assist you in selecting the optimal gutter and gutter guard design tailored to your home’s unique considerations, including climate and design. If you’re prepared to elevate your home’s protection, now is the time to reach out to Advantage Construction. Let us guide you in fortifying your foundation and securing your home today!

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