Blaine Storm and Hail Damage Repair

Minnesota is notorious for unpredictable and extreme weather conditions that can take a toll on homes around the state. When hail or heavy storms sweep into the Blaine area, homeowners need a proper defense and roofing partner to maintain the structural integrity of their property. Advantage Construction is here to help customers like you with storm and hail damage repairs so that your property can last. Leave your roofing worries to us, and we’ll take the stress away from crucial repairs that may be causing you grief. Our top of the line service, high-quality materials, and trained staff will be by your side every step of the way.

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We take immense pride in our hail and storm damage repair services. Our experienced contractors provide unparalleled service all throughout the Blaine area to provide your home with roofing services you can trust. Our services include roofing, siding, gutter installations, hail, and storm damage repair you can rely on.

Tip: Cities in the Midwest, such as Blaine, have to deal with the extreme cold, which can take a toll on your roof’s lifespan and spike your energy bill. Being sure to check on areas where warm air may leak from your home can drastically reduce issues down the road. Inspecting areas and properly sealing off leakage from your attic is a must. Insulation can also play a significant role in preventing ice dams and warm air leakage. Be sure that you don’t miss exhaust fans or vent pipes that may have air escaping. Contact Advantage Construction today if you need expert assistance.

How Storms and Hail Can Damage Roofing

Storm and hail damage can be difficult to spot. It can be even more challenging to determine the severity of damage as well. Most high-quality roofing materials are built to last and can hold up fairly well against severe storms and hail — but nothing lasts forever. Eventually, repairs are necessary to keep a structure from crippling damage that may spiral out of control. Our Blaine roofing services are unmatched, and can help diagnose issues along with conducting repairs and replacements.

Some of the most common issues homeowners face after a severe storm or hail fall are fractures, indentations, self-seal loosening, and granule loss. You’ll need to inspect your home for any issues or damages that may lead to structural problems, ice dams, or potential leakage that could increase your energy bill.

Repairing severely damaged individual shingles is possible, but problems in the surrounding area are often present and challenging to diagnose. More often than not, a complete roof replacement is recommended for significant damage because latent issues may be hidden. Installing a new longer-lasting, and high-quality roofing system can sometimes be less expensive and much safer than repairing your roof little by little.

Protecting Windows and Siding From Damage

While roofing is often a homeowner’s main concern during severe storms and hail fall, it’s not the only part of the home that can suffer. Windows and vinyl siding can sometimes be damaged as well.


Vinyl siding is one of the most durable and maintenance-free siding solutions available, but fast-falling, large, or constant hail fall can cause destruction over time. The two types of damage you may see with vinyl siding are:

  • Cracks in siding panels may form due to unsupported sections that can’t hold up to large impacts from storms or hail fall.
  • Chipping under vinyl siding from extreme weathering and overall wear could form over time.


Windows can undergo significant damage from hail or severe storms. It’s important to address any window damage immediately, as they play a crucial role in protecting your home and keeping your energy bill down. Shattered, broken, or cracked glass or window frames can be fairly easy to spot, but subtle damage may be more challenging to address and lead to far more expensive repairs or even replacements in the future.

Any time there’s a big storm or hail fall, a quick window inspection is due. Check for fracturing, cracks, chips, or any other sort of damage that may occur. Both wind and water can play a major role in window damage.

Heavy winds may affect window panes and glass, leading to cracks or dents which are easy to notice. Water damage is much more difficult to address and could lead to some serious structural issues and even mold. Moisture is not your home’s friend, especially in unwanted places. Check for fog between window panes or water spots. Bubbling, cracks, or peeling can also be a symptom of water damage.

The Reviews Matter

Our top of the line storm and hail damage repair services work with your budget. Not only are our services top-notch, but they’re also conducted by highly-trained professionals who care about the future of your home. Don’t believe us? Check out our hundreds of third party reviews on Google Reviews, GuildQuality, and Facebook. Our clients receive unparalleled service, the best materials, and dedicated staff during every project. We take great pride in our client’s satisfaction, and our commitment to great results is evident in every project we complete.

We know that Advantage Construction Inc. wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of our incredible clientele. We appreciate the incredible support and word of mouth our customers have given us over the years. Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll provide long-lasting solutions and the best value possible for your home.

MN Storm Damage Contractor Insurance Claim
Insurance Claims Assistance

If your Blaine property underwent storm damage, our insurance claim experts can assist you with managing and maximizing your claim so that you can move forward.

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Over the years, we’ve become the most trusted roofing service in the Blaine area. As an Owen’s Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re able to offer unparalleled roofing service to clients like you.

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Blaine homeowners can rest easy knowing that Advantage Construction will handle their siding needs. We’ll provide materials and services to boost your home’s curb appeal and save you from stress.

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We’ll help you with seamless gutter solutions to protect your property and give you peace of mind.

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Advantage Construction is your premier window repair and replacement provider, bettering your home’s energy efficiency and beautifying your property.

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General Exterior Construction

Having difficulties finding a general contractor in Blaine that you can trust? We’re here to help with all of your upgrades, installations, repairs, and maintenance needs.

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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation plays a crucial role in heating and cooling efficiency. We offer incredible attic insulation services you can rely on.

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Ice Dam Removal

Your roof serves as a great defense against the elements, but ice dams can form from improper maintenance or poor installation practices. We’ll help you get rid of any ice dams that could cause issues for your home.

Commercial & Residential Contractors

We offer both residential and commercial property services throughout the Blaine area. We routinely provide top of the line services for properties of all shapes and sizes. We’re proud to be a part of the community and assist clients just like you with all of your property needs.

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors

Our result-driven company values and commitment to our clients has guided our journey as a company. We’re extremely honored to be one of Minnesota’s few Platinum Preferred Contractors. As such, we’re able to offer roofing warranties up to 50 years on Owens Corning products for homeowners in the Blaine area. Our expert field representatives are experienced in storm damage repairs. They’ll provide detailed documentation for insurance claims so that you know you’re being taken care of.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

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