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Attic Insulation Eden Prairie

Easy Cost Savings with Attic Insulation

Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency starts by enhancing your attic insulation—a smart investment that ensures consistent comfort and long-term savings.

Turn to Advantage Construction’s Eden Prairie branch for reliable and efficient attic insulation services. Our selected insulation offers enduring energy efficiency, with features such as non-combustibility, moisture resistance, formaldehyde-free composition, and resistance to mold. Bid farewell to temperature swings and usher in lower energy bills.


Make Your Home Comfortable in All Seasons

Discover an effortless way to enhance home comfort and save on expenses by prioritizing proper attic insulation. Did you know that as much as 40% of your home’s warmth escapes through the attic? Fortunately, Advantage Construction is your partner in maintaining a cozy home and safeguarding your savings. We specialize in sealing attic leaks around pipes, wires, and outlets while ensuring your home enjoys consistent year-round temperatures with the ideal insulation levels.

Advantage Construction has teamed up with Owens Corning to introduce the innovative AttiCat® Blown-In Insulation system. This system offers a swift and efficient solution that could potentially reduce your home’s heating and cooling bills by up to 15%*, all without the inconvenience of major construction or breaking the bank.

*Savings may vary. For comprehensive information, consult the seller’s fact sheet on R-values, where higher R-values signify superior insulation performance.

Don’t let your hard-earned money escape through your attic—take proactive measures today. Contact Advantage Construction now to schedule a complimentary attic insulation inspection and secure your home’s comfort and savings.

Why Advantage Construction?

We recognize that home repairs and installations can often be a source of frustration. That’s why we’re unwavering in our commitment to making your attic insulation installation a smooth and stress-free experience. Our dedication extends to eliminating inconveniences and ensuring timely project completion. You can rest assured that we prioritize the protection of your property throughout the entire installation process, providing you with the peace of mind that your home is in the hands of seasoned experts.

Our team is not only highly trained but also boasts extensive experience across various aspects of residential construction. We proactively address potential issues before they escalate and have the chance to inflict significant damage on your home. As an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, you can place your full trust in us, knowing that your property is being cared for by capable and attentive professionals.

Give Your Home a Healthy Attic

Creating a healthy and energy-efficient home often involves an unconventional approach: combining insulation for warmth with attic ventilation for fresh air. This unique combination is the secret to maintaining your home in optimal condition.

In the winter, allowing outdoor air into the attic keeps it cold and reduces the risk of ice dams forming. Ice dams can wreak havoc on your home’s structure, leading to water pooling and, over time, causing significant water damage, unsightly stains, and even potential mold growth on walls, woodwork, ceilings, drywall, insulation, and stud walls.

Proper insulation and air sealing work together during the winter to maintain a cold attic by preventing heat and moisture from entering from below, thus thwarting ice dam formation and protecting your home from costly water damage.

In the summer, a well-ventilated attic promotes the natural flow of air, expelling super-heated air from the attic and preventing roof shingles from overheating. Furthermore, insulation helps keep your home cooler by resisting heat transfer into living spaces. This two-pronged approach ensures a comfortable and energy-efficient home environment year-round.

Townhome Attics

Often relegated to a mere storage space for old keepsakes and seasonal items, attics tend to be an overlooked area in many homes. However, beyond serving as a storage area, attics offer a wide range of essential functions and benefits for your home, especially when they are properly insulated.

It’s important to note that it’s not just traditional houses that can benefit from robust attic insulation systems; townhouses can also reap numerous advantages. These benefits range from enhanced energy efficiency to protection against unpredictable weather conditions, making attic insulation a valuable investment for all homeowners.

Have you been noticing a consistent increase in your monthly energy bills? Or perhaps your family has begun to voice their discomfort due to fluctuating indoor temperatures in your townhouse. This is precisely where well-insulated attic space can make a significant difference.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable insulation solutions for townhomes, effectively addressing all the concerns mentioned above and more. You can count on us to help you save money, maintain a comfortable indoor climate, and safeguard your townhome’s attic with top-quality insulation materials and expert installation services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to kickstart your essential attic insulation project. Your townhome’s comfort and energy efficiency are just a phone call away.

Our Attic Insulation Brands

At Advantage Construction, our unwavering commitment is to offer you the very best townhome insulation solutions from the nation’s foremost brands, ensuring that your investment in enhancing your townhouse is truly worthwhile. We’ve forged our primary partnership with Owens Corning, an esteemed name in the industry, enabling us to harness the power of their top-of-the-line AttiCat blown-in insulation system.

The installation of Owens Corning’s AttiCat blown-in insulation system is both remarkably straightforward and cost-effective. This swift and budget-friendly blown-in insulation solution for townhouses excels at sealing off air leaks around attic entrances, windows, outlets, pipes, ventilation systems, and other areas prone to conditioned air loss. With our professional expertise and the industry’s most durable materials at our disposal, we can complete the insulation of your entire attic in as little as a single day.

The journey begins with an initial inspection of your townhome’s attic, enabling us to assess your current insulation system and pinpoint any vulnerabilities. Our team of skilled townhome attic insulation contractors is ready and equipped to provide you with townhouse insulation that substantially boosts your energy efficiency, resulting in meaningful savings on your monthly budget. Why delay when our townhouse insulation specialists are poised to assist you? Contact us now to embark on the path to the new attic insulation your townhome truly deserves.

Attic Insulation You Can Trust

At Advantage Construction, we are your trusted source for reliable attic insulation solutions aimed at combatting energy loss and amplifying your cost savings. Our attic insulation is meticulously designed for enduring performance, ensuring that your home consistently enjoys robust energy efficiency. We deploy top-tier materials that are not only corrosion-resistant but also non-combustible, moisture-repellent, formaldehyde-free, and even resistant to mold and fungus growth.

With our in-depth understanding of Minnesota homes and townhomes, we are exceptionally well-prepared to address potential issues before they escalate into major concerns. We empower homeowners to take a proactive stance when it comes to saving energy and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment year-round. After all, when it comes to a healthy home, it all begins at the top.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to schedule a complimentary attic inspection in Eden Prairie by Advantage Construction. Your journey toward a more energy-efficient and comfortable home awaits.


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