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Your Dependable Roofing Partner

Otsego Roofing Contractors Are you looking to have your Otsego, MN roof repaired or replaced by a professional roofing contractor? Advantage Construction has the skills and knowledge to handle your roofing project. Our team of roofing professionals understands that a roof for your home is a significant investment. Therefore, we are committed to only delivering expert craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

The roofing experts at Advantage Construction are experienced and only utilize industry-leading techniques. We have knowledge of the roofing industry that you can trust, and we only use state-of-the-art materials in each and every one of our roofing projects. This ensures that every roofing project goes smoothly, enhances curb appeal, and lasts for years to come.

Our team will treat your roofing project as if it was their own, whether repairs, a replacement, or installing a new roof on a home. You can count on the Advantage Construction team to not only finish the job to your satisfaction, but to exceed your expectations. We provide the same level of care and commitment to every client that comes our way. Top quality and durability should be a priority when it comes to a roof. It needs to be able to stand up to the different elements, such as debris or harsh weather.

We only partner with the best Otsego, MN roofing suppliers, so we can complete your roofing project with only the highest-quality materials. Our architectural shingles will protect your home, and help it stand against snow, hail, and rain. Our shingles weigh 50% more than 3-tab shingles, which is why they can provide your new roof with this type of protection.

Unparalleled Service for Your Project

If this is the first time you’ve ever sought guidance from a roofing contractor, it might feel overwhelming. You may have a few concerns, like how big will the repair area be, what will the price tag look like, or what types of materials will be used? Each of these questions are familiar, and at Advantage Construction, our team of roofing professionals is ready to work closely with you to go over your unique needs to identify the best possible solutions.

Each professional of the Advantage Construction team has extensive roofing knowledge, and is always standing by to address your concerns and answer your questions. The team has the right kind of experience, should anything happen during your roofing project, to tackle the problem and provide a solution. Our management team is always available to ensure your project runs without a hitch, leaving you, not just satisfied, but impressed with the final results and level of customer service. Every client we work with receives:

  • A readily-available project manager who oversees project flow
  • Regular dumpster removal
  • Thorough communication and exemplary customer service

Budget-Friendly Roofing Services in Otsego

Advantage Construction offers a large selection of services for your residential roof project in Otsego, MN. We are sure to find the best roofing solution for you. The experts on our team bring training and experience to the table to handle just about any roofing job, whether it’s new roof installation, roof repair, or roof replacement. Our knowledge, skills, and craftsmanship are an integral part of completing your residential or commercial roofing project.

Our team here at Advantage Construction knows how important longevity and durability is when it comes to a roof. It needs to be long-lasting and stand the test of time. Advantage Construction is also an Owens Corning “Top of the House” certified installer, and we make it our mission to do much more than simply hang shingles. Our mission is to provide you with a total roofing installation that’s complete with shingles, attic insulation, and ventilation to help improve your home’s energy efficiency and give you a high-quality roof. The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System will also help add peace of mind with its unique system warranties.*

Advantage Construction knows you require a completed Otsego, MN roofing job that you can be happy with, without having to worry about your finances and if you can afford the project. We always strive to provide all of our customers with affordable rates, without sacrificing quality. If you have roof damage due to a storm or another incident, we will even help you file your homeowner’s insurance claim so you can receive the maximum possible benefits.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

Create a Virtual Rendition of Your Roof

You probably wish you could see what the appearance of your roof will look like before the roofing project starts. Well, good news — you can. We offer free, user-friendly design programs that will allow you to design your brand new roof prior to even taking the next steps. We make these programs available to each and every one of our customers, to allow them to check out the different styles and colors for roofing and select one that suits them. These programs include:

A Vast Assortment of Roofing Materials

When you’re deciding on the new roof design for your home, Advantage Construction will help you choose the best possible materials for your project. Whether you require a smaller roofing job or a larger one, our team of experts will work closely with you to design a roofing project that will stick within your budget, but still be the high-quality roofing project you deserve. Common roofing materials we offer include:


Otsego, MN homeowners select our roofing company since we offer a wide variety of shingles. This includes shingles that will help add to the value of your home since they enhance curb appeal and protection. When you select the asphalt shingle appearance you’re looking for, you’ll be able to experience the benefit of a long-lasting, beautiful roof.

Your home will be protected by our asphalt shingles since they’re constructed to stand up to violent weather conditions. They also come highly recommended because of their reduced noise, infiltration, ability to withstand debris, and fire rating.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the perfect selection if you want a material that requires very little maintenance through the years. Along with this, metal roofing offers a phenomenal fire safety rating to help keep your family in Otsego, MN protected. Our team at Advantage Construction is ready to begin your new metal roofing installation quickly and efficiently at rates that are friendly to your budget.

Cedar Shakes

If your roof’s appearance is your top priority, then cedar shakes may be the ideal choice for you. Many Otsego, MN homeowners select cedar shakes for their eccentric and eye-catching appearance. They’re also resistant to water and pests, which makes them the ideal choice for Otsego, MN roofs.

However, cedar shakes do need a little more maintenance than other types of roofing materials. Every five years or so, you’ll likely need to apply a new coat of stain on the cedar shakes as well as a coat of water-repellant. This will help keep your roof looking its very best and properly functioning.

Advantage Construction Otsego, Mn

Choose Advantage Construction for Your Otsego Project!

If you’re looking for competitive prices, incredible craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service, Advantage Construction is your go-to roofing company for your next roofing project. Whether you require a roof repair, replacement, or a new roof installation, we are here for you. Our team provides project management and expertise to oversee your roofing project. Our roofing professionals are eager to provide you with budget advice, unique property advice, aesthetic advice, or address any concerns you have. When you’re ready to get your Otsego, MN roofing project started, contact us right away.

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