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Reliable Roofing Structures in Eden Prairie

Inclement weather and storms can happen when we least expect it and occur in any season. Unexpected weather can cause severe damage to your roofing system. Here at Advantage Construction, we incorporate top-quality materials and expert skills to install a roofing structure that meets your needs. The Advantage Construction team knows of the investment required to own a home and how important a reliable roofing structure is, so your home is protected in every scenario. If you’re an Eden Prairie resident, Advantage Construction is here to provide you with durable roofing you can rely on for years after installation.

By choosing Advantage Construction, you’ll have access to a variety of high-quality materials that not only offer remarkable benefits but add a unique touch to your home’s curb appeal. Every project we accept at Advantage Construction is completed with finesse detail and thorough communication, so you’re reassured that your project is receiving our full attention. Roofing structures throughout Eden Prairie designed by Advantage Construction only receive state-of-the-art materials.

In Minnesota, heavy snow, hail, and high winds happen often, meaning your home’s roof should be designed to withstand. We offer customers architectural shingles, which weigh 50% more than traditional three-tab shingle systems. Advantage Construction will provide you with a reliable roofing structure that’s built to last. Over the years, we’ve developed partnerships with industry-leading roofing brands, so you deserve only the best materials. Rest assured; the size of your home doesn’t matter – Advantage Construction is here to create a durable roofing structure, so stress is no longer an issue year-round.

Your Area Roofing Go-To

Our team knows the importance of utilizing energy-efficient roofing materials, and this is communicated through our rating as an Owens Corning “Top of the House” Certified Installer. Perhaps you need routine maintenance and repairs or have been searching for expert installation. Advantage Construction is here to help with all your project needs through outstanding service and quality craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else. Homeowners throughout Eden Prairie continue to choose Advantage Construction for their roofing needs. Our state-of-the-art roofing structures include:

  • Shingles
  • Ventilation
  • Attic Insulation

Our accreditation as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor allows us to offer each of our clients warranties lasting as long as 50 years on Owens Corning Shingles. Backed by our unparalleled customer service and love for enhancing curb appeal, you will receive only the best energy efficient roofing structure that will last for years to come.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.

Roofing Installation That Can’t Compare

Designing and installing a new roof should be an exciting time, but every project can run into hurdles when you least expect it. The Advantage Construction team is prepared to take on and resolve any issues or obstacles that arise during your project, so you can enjoy the moment with zero stress. Our experienced management staff and daily complimentary cleanup services allow for a seamless project process. We provide the following for every customer’s roofing project:

  • A dedicated and available project manager to keep your project on schedule
  • Daily scheduled dumpster removal
  • Remarkable communication and care

Design Your Dream Roof Online

Is it challenging for you to picture your new roof? Are you having trouble imagining what certain materials would look like? You’re not alone – many homeowners throughout Eden Prairie have run into the same challenge. Customers that work with Advantage Construction have access to a selection of virtual design tools that not only allow you to bring your new roof to life but have been created with the user in mind.

Our Assortment of Shingle and Roofing Options

Regardless of your home’s style, size, or shape, our roofing experts will assist you in choosing the best roofing structure for your unique property. Eden Prairie homeowners are offered an assortment of roofing materials, each offering remarkable benefits and features. You’ve found the right company; Advantage Construction guarantees we have the roofing structure you’ve been looking for.


Homeowners throughout Eden Prairie have chosen asphalt shingles for their impressive durability and low maintenance requirements. Advantage Construction’s asphalt shingles are a material you can count on as they quickly form to any home regardless of the shape or size and add to your curb appeal. Choose Advantage Construction, so you can enhance the aesthetic of your property.

Shingles are an excellent option for Eden Prairie homeowners searching for a way to dampen unwanted outside noise such as loud neighbors, busy street traffic, or inclement weather. Enhance protection and comfort in your home with high fire rated asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofing

A reliable roofing structure is necessary so your home and household members are protected around the clock. Metal roofing not only has a high fire rating but gives your home the protection it needs for years to come. Eden Prairie homeowners searching for a durable roofing structure that requires little to no maintenance should consider metal roofing.

Cedar Shakes

Throughout Eden Prairie and surrounding areas, homeowners have turned to cedar shakes for their roofing structure for many years as curb appeal is enhanced with this unique material. Unlike traditional wooden shingle options, cedar shakes are water-resistant and less susceptible to pest damage.

We encourage homeowners that choose cedar shakes to apply a fresh coat of stain and water-repellant every five years so your roof will always look top-notch. Cedar shakes may require more maintenance than other roofing options, but homeowners continue to choose this material for its impeccable charm and unique appearance.

Start Your Roofing Project in Eden Prairie Today

If you’ve been looking for a reliable Eden Prairie roofing partner, your search stops now with Advantage Construction. Our team is fully prepared to collaborate with you in creating a durable roofing structure out of industry-leading materials. Our expert roofers will be by your side throughout design, installation, and beyond, so you can have any questions or concerns addressed immediately. Your home needs a dependable roofing structure, and Advantage Construction can help you. Call Advantage Construction today, so we can start improving your home.

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations, and requirements.