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Making the correct decision for the siding on your home can be a tedious process, and there’s a lot of competing information out there that may overwhelm you. While all siding materials have their specific benefits, it’s essential to consider what appearance you would like your home to have. Special features are also something to consider as certain siding materials may be limiting. Insulated vinyl siding offers homeowners a breadth of benefits from increased savings and energy efficiency to a variety of choices and noise-reducing features. Lined with an additional layer of foam insulation, this is undoubtedly a premium siding that will check all your boxes when compared to other siding options.

Increased Savings

Choosing to incorporate insulated vinyl siding into your property comes with many financial benefits. The upfront costs of insulated siding are much cheaper than other home exterior materials such as wood, fiber cement, and brick. Many choose vinyl for their exterior siding because of its impressive durability. Vinyl is also easy to install and can be placed on top of existing siding, meaning the cost of labor is nearly cut in half. Homeowners also reap long-term benefits from vinyl siding as less upkeep is required, and the material requires little to no maintenance, which means that replacements won’t be a regular requirement.

  • Wood: Having wood siding on your home can require a significant amount of upkeep as the material will rot, crack, and warp over time. This leads to numerous repairs and maintenance, which can be costly in the long run. Wood also attracts pests and termites, which can lead to much more significant issues.
  • Aluminum: Homeowners have found aluminum to be a decent siding option. However, it can be very noisy and become damaged quickly in inclement weather. Along with this, aluminum will also have to be repainted periodically throughout its lifespan, which can be time-consuming.
  • Fiber-Cement: If you’re in search of an option that’s similar to vinyl due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, fiber-cement siding is an excellent option. Many homeowners end up pushing this option to the side, however, since it must be repainted and is of higher cost than insulated vinyl siding.

Energy Efficient

While there are many steps homeowners can take to make their property more energy efficient, replacing your siding with insulated vinyl siding is one of the most effective. Insulated vinyl helps keep your home at comfortable temperatures year-round by protecting the inside of your home from the sun’s hot rays in the warmer months and keeping the heat released by your furnace in your home during the cold months. This material doesn’t warp or absorb moisture over time meaning unwanted air is easily kept from entering or exiting your home. As a result, your air conditioner and furnace don’t have to work as hard, and the amount of energy your property consumes is drastically decreased.

Additionally, vinyl siding is an excellent option if being environmentally conscious is in your practices. Vinyl is friendly on the environment as it cuts down waste the amount of waste produced due to its lifespan and that it can be recycled.

Withstands Time and the Environment

Known for its durability, vinyl siding has a much longer lifespan than other siding materials. It experiences little to no wear and tear, and continually maintains its appearance. Because of this, many companies offer lengthy warranties because the likelihood of issues arising is slim to none. Along with a test to time, vinyl siding can also successfully survive inclement weather conditions and temperature fluctuation. Areas that suffer from strong wind no longer need to worry as the design of vinyl siding eliminates potential damage. If you’re located in a warmer climate, many professional siding companies offer UV-resistant insulated vinyl, so your home doesn’t experience sun damage.

Variety of Styles and Colors

Over the years, vinyl siding has been rising in popularity and now a common choice for homeowners. In its initial phases, the assortment of colors and styles were not available like they are now. Today, property owners can choose between many different options to make sure they get the look they’ve imagined for their home. This is appealing to homeowners as the exterior appearance of a home adds to curb appeal significantly, and many enjoy seeing their vision come to life. If you’re shopping for insulated vinyl siding, you can expect to see an array of available colors from pastels and earth tones to fun, lively colors to give your property a little spunk. Along with colors, there are many different textures and shapes that individuals can choose from.

  • Board and Batten
  • Vertical
  • Shake
  • Scalloped
  • Dutch Lap
  • Half-Round

Noise Reducing Features

If you live near a highway, busy street, or are looking for a solution to block out other outside noises, insulated vinyl siding is a great solution. Many factors can disrupt daily life, and it can get frustrating if you can’t find a way to successfully eliminate excessive noise. Insulated vinyl siding can reduce noise transmission by 39%, according to Progressive Foam. The added foam layer works wonders by bringing more peace and quiet to your home, thus creating a much more comfortable environment for household members.

Improve Your Home Today

Insulated vinyl siding is an excellent exterior option for homeowners throughout the United States as it offers many benefits from increased energy efficiency and savings to its outstanding durability and noise-reducing features. There are many different siding options available on the market today, each providing property owners with an assortment of benefits. However, if you’re looking for a well-rounded siding solution, insulated vinyl siding is your go-to. Along with the benefits mentioned previously, vinyl siding adds to your home’s curb appeal with elegant beauty and requires little to no maintenance. Contact your siding professional today to get started on transitioning your home.

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